Calling the Shots
by Moffit

It had taken some careful seduction of their teammate but - surprise - it hadn't been all that hard to coax Hiyoshi into staying once he'd been lured into the room.

Shishido looked up from where he was nibbling the side of Ohtori's neck as Hiyoshi returned to the college dorm room he shared with Ohtori. His eyes locked with the other boy's, his hand not stopping. It was stroking the front of Ohtori's jeans, directly over the visible bulge.

Ohtori had yet to notice they now had company. Hiyoshi stood in the doorway like a deer, poised to drop everything and run back the way he'd come. Then Ohtori moaned and Hiyoshi's eyes dropped to his lap. Shishido's hands had worked open his zipper to reach inside and was now rubbing over Ohtori's boxers. They had a damp spot on the where precome had leaked through.

Hiyoshi was staring and when Shishido saw his adam's apple waver in a gulp, Shishido knew he had him.

Ohtori had been the one to convince. "Please, for me?" He'd whispered. Ohtori's eyes had opened to see Hiyoshi hovering in the doorway, eyes locked to Shishido's. He'd balked a little, until Shishido had pointed out that Hiyoshi seemed just as hard as he was and given him an emphasizing little squeeze, drawing out a moan from Ohtori.

"I'd love to see you two... It's been one of my fantasies since high school."

That had been the stone needed to fell his two birds. Now it was Shishido in Ohtori's chair, and Ohtori and Hiyoshi had moved to Hiyoshi's bed.

"Put your mouth on him... I want you to make him beg." Shishido said in a low voice. His hand slipped into his boxers as Hiyoshi complied, the fringe of his bangs brushing over Ohtori's chest as he kissed the firm muscle. Hiyoshi's hands had stopped shaking, and Shishido could tell they both were starting to get into his fantasy more and more, especially when Hiyoshi's lips found Ohtori's nipple.

Ohtori moaned, the fingers of his right hand sliding into Hiyoshi's soft hair to hold him there.

"Yes," Shishido murmured, "Now... Choutarou... I want you to kiss him. Kiss him for me."

Ohtori nodded and tugged Hiyoshi's head up gently by his hair, lifting off the bed a little to brush his lips over Hiyoshi's damp ones.

Shishido stroked himself slowly, wanting to savor this moment. Ohtori was beautiful like this; it was better than watching themselves in a mirror.

Hiyoshi grew bolder, pressing his lips firmly against Ohtori's and running his tongue over the other's mouth to gain entrance. With a glance over at Shishido, who nodded, Ohtori complied. He wrapped his arms around Hiyoshi, falling back to the bed and dragging the other boy with him.

"Wakashi... Put you hand in Choutarou's shorts." Shishido watched hungrily as Hiyoshi's hand slid inside his boyfriend's boxers. He could tell the moment Hiyoshi wrapped his hand around Ohtori's cock; he bucked his hips a little and moaned.

"Good, good... Choutarou, I want you to do the same to Wakashi. Push his pants down and touch him. I want you to jerk each other off."

Ohtori moved quickly, shoving Hiyoshi's pants and underwear down together to reveal the pale skin of Hiyoshi's ass, so different from the tan of his muscular back. Shishido wanted to climb on the bed with them and thrust a finger up that virgin ass and watch the look on both their faces as he fingered his boyfriend's roommate.

The two boys on the bed were panting now, their hands working furiously without any cues from Shishido. He pulled his own cock out and tightened his fist around it, sinking lower in his seat. Matching the quickening speed of the boys' own hands, he found his breathing growing ragged as he gruffly commanded them to kiss again.

Lips met and hands tugged, sweat making everything slippery as the scent of sex filled the room. Moans had grown louder and there hips grinding, thrusting and jerking into hands slick from precome.

Ohtori was the first to come, his head tipped back with his eyes locked on Shishido's. Shishido watched as Hiyoshi followed, then quickly brought himself off as well with a satisfied grunt.

Hiyoshi was draped over Ohtori, who tipped his head up with one come-slick hand to kiss him once more before flopping his head back on the bed. His roommate looked a little dazed, though clearly not as uncomfortable as he'd been before.

Shishido, now that his appetite had been whetted, was wondering how long it would be before he could ask Hiyoshi to join them again, if Ohtori was up to it.

The End

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