Cheesy Romance
by Moffit

Ohtori panted, too distracted to even try coming up with anything resembling a coherent comment. It was much better to listen to Shishido's voice over the phone. He had his thumb covering the microphone at the bottom of the receiver so the other boy wouldn't suspect there was anything odd happening on Ohtori's end.

That deep voice sent shivers down his back, all the way down to his toes. It didn't matter that all Shishido was doing was reading aloud from some cheesy romance novel Oshitari had lent him, making fun of it in mocking tones. Ohtori didn't even know what the plot was, or if there even was one. All that mattered was he had Shishido's voice purring into his ear as he touched himself.

He hissed out a slow breath as his hand tugged, thumb grazed the tip and slid back down again. His hips jerked up into his hand and he listened without hearing the words. He only heard the tones and silky nuances of Shishido's voice, giving him plenty of fodder for his own cheesy mental romance where it wasn't his own hand, but Shishido's that squeezed him. The hand sped up along with the voice as the pace of the book must be picking up.

He could practically hear it as Shishido moaned his name, voice falling briefly to a whisper. The words were a little shaky now, and he could see it in his mind as Shishido pressed him back against his bed, murmured in his ear and spread kisses along his neck. Shishido's voice slid down Ohtori's spine, right to his toes until they curled with pleasure.

His movements grew jerky, hips thrusting up in demand into Shishido's hand which finally stopped teasing him. He moaned a loud, lingering, "Ryou..." as he came, feeling liquid warmth pool on his stomach.

Slowly his mind drifted back to the here and now. There was panting coming from the phone and his breath caught in his throat. His hand had grown sweaty, the phone slipping in his grip enough for his thumb to no longer cover the microphone.

Ohtori's heart nearly stopped as he realized he had no idea how long Shishido had been listening to him jerk himself off, moan his name or pant into the phone.

"Man, Choutarou. If I'd known how much these things got to you... I'd have followed you home to read it."

The End

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