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by Moffit

February the fourteenth.

It was a day Shishido used to like just for the chocolates that were on sale. He still enjoyed taking advantage of the chance to raid the stores, but now every piece reminded him of Choutarou. His friend had always preferred the milk chocolate kinds, while he himself liked dark chocolate better. He couldn't remember how many times he'd had a fleeting thought - fleeting because he wouldn't allow his mind to linger on the thought - of whether he'd like milk chocolate better if he were kissing it off of Choutarou's lips.

His attraction to his friend had never been spoken, though deep down he had a feeling Choutarou knew. He never was teased about it though. Sometimes he imagined Choutarou looking at him a little warmer than he did anyone else... but that was what best friends were like towards each other, right? One morning after practice, Shishido had caught himself staring at his friend's mouth as he drank from his water bottle, entranced by a single droplet of water as it ran down his chin to his neck, then soaked into the collar of his shirt. He came to a decision that morning, that after school he would ask his friend for a... date. His mind could hardly keep up with his swirling feelings, but he did know that they felt right.

He spent the entire day distracted, gathering the courage and preparing himself to be shot down. When he finally found his friend, Choutarou looked melancholy. His mind automatically shoved his own thoughts to the side, thinking of nothing more now than his friend's well-being.

"Choutarou, are you okay?" He asked, making his friend startle before the sad look disappeared and was replaced by the expression of cheerfulness he was accustomed to seeing.

"Of course! Why wouldn't I be, Shishido-san?" Choutarou responded, his cheerful facade - for that was what Shishido knew it to be; his friend obviously didn't want him to worry about him (which only made him worry more) - faltering slightly when he spotted a small red box in Shishido's hand.

He had planned on eating the chocolates himself at lunch, but changed his mind and decided to give it to Choutarou instead.

"Well, you just looked so sad one would think you just had your heart broken by some girl..." Please, please... Shishido wasn't sure if he were praying for this to be true, that his friend had been turned down by a girl, or if he were praying that something like that would never happen to as good a person as Choutarou.

"Oh..." Ohtori's shoulders sank as he realized he'd been seen after all. "It's nothing, I just - just realized I'm never going to get what I really want for my birthday, is all..."

Shishido was puzzled, as he hadn't even known there had been something his friend wanted so badly. Surely he would have noticed it, right?

"What is it that you want, Choutarou?" He watched as his friend's cheeks pinkened slightly in a blush, waiting patiently while wondering what on earth Choutarou could want.

"Never mind. I'll get over hi--it. What was it you wanted to do today, more practice, or tutoring you in your math again?" His friend said, obviously attempting to change the subject.

Now it was Shishido's turn to blush, which he hated because it stood out all the more with his coloring. After a minute of Choutarou patiently waiting he finally blurted out, "Will-you-go-on-a-date-with-me?" The box of chocolates was thrust between them as either a shield or a peace-offering as Shishido closed his eyes and waited for shocked yelling to start.

Instead all he heard was a quick indrawn breath, then a footstep coming towards him. Bracing himself for the blow, he was shocked into opening his eyes as he felt warm lips press against his own.

Choutarou was looking back at him with those over-hopeful eyes of his when he wanted something badly - Shishido was always terrible at denying that look from Choutarou. Closing his eyes again, he hesitantly tilted his head upward more, pressing their lips firmer together.

It was a chaste kiss, somewhat dry from his lips being a little chapped but Shishido had already come to one conclusion: kissing Choutarou was better than chocolate.

He must have made a noise, or perhaps Choutarou had heard someone coming, because the next moment he had drawn away from the kiss. Shishido was still feeling off balance from this staggering turn of events (he'd expected a scud serve to the head, honestly) but what stood out the most was the look of true happiness on Choutarou's face.

"I'd like that... to go on a date with you, I mean." Choutarou said, blushing slightly again, yet smiling brighter than Shishido could ever remember.

He returned the smile with a quirk of his lips and slipped his hand into his friend's. "Happy birthday, Choutarou."

The End

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