A Dance
by Wai

"Dance with me?" Shishido asked casually. He sounded as if he was asking Ohtori if he wanted to play one more match. And perhaps, in a way, he was.

"But we're..." Ohtori never did finish that sentence, accepting Shishido's hand tentatively but with a charming smile all the same.

It was awkward, because they were both boys and they were both used to leading. Finally they stopped, laughing at their little dilemma.

"You lead." Shishido finally said, a wistful smile on his face. Ohtori was stunned, but only for a moment. He nodded, his smile widening. It felt natural, somehow. The soft melody from inside the school building--where the rest of the 3rd years were--guided them in this moonlight dance. There was no need for words, because the dance was speaking for them.

Shishido's grip on his upper arm and the hand that he held with his own. Those intense eyes were staring elsewhere, as if trying to forget what was happening. And indeed, Ohtori too didn't want to go back, this dream-like state was so much better than reality. He could pretend that he'd be able to dance forever.

He could pretend that he didn't have to say goodbye to Shishido tomorrow.



"There's no more music." Shishido pointed out, his usual smile--teasing yet tinged with fondness--was back in place.

"Ah." But Ohtori didn't stop dancing. "Can we stay? Just a little longer?" His voice was barely above a whisper.

"Sure thing." The dance ended some time later, neither boy was willing to utter a word to break the silence. In the end, they didn't have to. Shishido stepped back, his smile tinged with regret. He reached forward to take Ohtori's hand, squeezing it for a moment and then he let go.

Ohtori wished for the songs to start again when Shishido began walking away. He wished that he was in Shishido's class, so that he didn't have to endure a year all by himself. But who's to say that he'd see Shishido in High School? Shishido never did tell him if he was going to stay in Hyotei, Ohtori just assumed he was.

The music began to play again, but this time, he didn't have a partner to dance with.

When I finished this drabble, I suddenly realized how SAD it is. But considering the song that inspired it, "I hope you dance", I think it's justified. I suppose that song isn't really sad, it should be hopeful or whatnot, but for some reason my muses want angst. The angst muse are on a rampage it seems.

The End

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