Week 05 - "Silver Pair v. Platinum Pair", secret ingredient "Hot chocolate/ Marshmallows" for Iron Tennis.

by Tokki-tsu

It was supposed to be easy - sneak in, grab the documents, sneak out again. Lord Sakaki had even told them that there'd be no one there, that everyone would be too busy at the festival to pay attention to another two peasants.

And yet, the two men that stood in front of them were everything Shishido never wanted to see.

"Hm? Is that a little mouse I see?"
"Niou, don't play with your food."
"But Niou..."

Shishido's hand tightened around his dagger, felt Ohtori's muscles tense against his back. Shit, they weren't equipped for fighting, not against full-armored knights that were total loose cannons.

Unsurprisingly, Niou - or maybe it was Yagyuu, no one was really sure - lashed out first, swinging his sword out with a toothy grin. Shishido barely dodged as Ohtori blocked for him. There was a time once when he had preferred working alone, but now he was definitely thanking the gods for his partner. Niou continued to strike, Shishido and Ohtori barely blocking with daggers as they were pushed further and further back.

There was a splash of blood, and it took awhile for Shishido to register that the other man - Yagyuu, Niou, whatever - had struck out of nowhere and cleaved Ohtori in two. And then Niou was bearing down on him, all wild, wild grin and shining blade and-

Shishido shot up in his chair, covered in a cold sweat, heart still racing. Ohtori turned from the stove at the noise, smiled at him and said, "The hot chocolate's almost done, Shishido-senpai," before returning to the pot. Shishido murmured something that could have passed as an acknowledgement of Ohtori's words but sounded just a little more like a moan.

He was never going to play video games past 2AM ever again.

The End

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