The Follow Through
by Orphen Eritus

It was meant to be everything that his first kiss had failed to be.

Shishido held his cap, shaping the brim nervously with his hands while Ohtori said nothing.

'I— I should go now, Shishido-san,' he said softly.

He wasn't surprised by the formality of address. But still, it stung. 'Okay…'

Ohtori didn't leave right away. 'Um… I need my school bag.'

Shishido had taken it from him just outside the school, because Wednesdays he had music practice.

He let the bag slide from his shoulder, grey strap raking over skin, the bag twisting in the air, light momentarily catching the Adidas badge he'd bought for Ohtori only two weeks before.

Their hands brushed against each other, Ohtori pulled away too quickly. 'Thanks,' he whispered.

Shishido nodded, their eyes glanced off each other briefly.


He didn't know what to do by himself. Where he was; was where Shishido wanted to be.

'You're thinking too much,' said Oshitari as he slid gracefully into the sit beside him. 'Both of you.'

'And what would you know?' he rebuked.

'Gakuto… terrible gossip,' Oshitari smiled widely, his openness unsettling.

'Thinking too much…' he repeated to the dark haired tensai.

'Stop planning strategy, start using your instincts… following through on your strokes.'

Shishido frowned. 'You know this isn't about tennis, right?'

An arch look was his only reply.

Shishido leant against the wall in the locker room, pressing his face into the cool tiles.

The more he thought about it the more humiliated he was beginning to feel. Ohtori had pulled away. Their lips had barely brushed. Ohtori had seemed… he wasn't sure, maybe… confused.

'…So stupid…'


He stilled at the sound of Ohtori's voice, so close, a long fingered hand closing over his shoulder, stilling his motion.

He wanted to turn around. He wanted to apologise. Instead he stood, listening to the increasing rise and fall of Ohtori's breath, only moments away from his neck.

His hand pressed against his shoulder, fingers gently clenching, gathering the fabric of his shirt. 'Don't… don't turn around,' Ohtori murmured. He rested against his shoulder. 'I don't think I can do this facing you.'

Shishido nodded stiffly, shivering at the soft brush of hair against his neck. A gentle tug on his cap sent it tumbling to the floor, long fingers lingering at his nape.


'Yes?' his voice quivered.

'I'm going to kiss you now.'


The wet kiss of lips brushed against the skin of his neck, the patter of unsteady breath, the lean of Ohtori's chest pressed into his back.

It was everything his first kiss had failed to be.

Shishido leant back into his partner, soft touches hardening with teeth and hands reaching.

Pulled around, he shared a shuddered breath, before being pressed into the wall with lips, teeth and tongue.

The End

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