You know, my Shishido-muse really needs to talk to me about the stories I've started, instead of new ones. But I think this is complete. Rough, and stylistically strange, but complete.

Give and Take
by Midorino Mizu

Ohtori had, not surprisingly, fallen asleep as soon as he was somewhere more comfortable than the tennis court.

Oh, he'd tried to stay awake; they both had homework, after all. In fact, Shishido wasn't even sure why he was here, in Ohtori's dorm room. When he should be in his own dorm room, deciphering the madness that was geometry proofs.

It was likely one of those situations that Ohtori had unwittingly wrangled him into. Rather like how they had started to practice tennis.

Shishido had never asked for his help, of course. He did not ask for help, not with tennis. But he'd gotten it all the same. Ohtori was determined that way.

At first, he had come back to the tennis courts well after dark, after all his work was done. But he must have realized, Shishido mused, that his senpai wasn't doing the same.

Shishido never left the courts after practice. Period. It was that important to him.

Apparently, Shishido thought as he looked down at Ohtori with an almost smile, it was that important to his junior too.

He resisted the urge to brush his fingers over Ohtori's short mop of silver hair. He was kind of cute when he was sleeping.

Well actually, Shishido corrected himself, Ohtori was always cute. It was rather disconcerting that such a tall person could be so adorable. He'd always associated that kind of cuteness with small things, until he had met Ohtori.

There was just something guileless and innocent about the silver-haired player, something that was incredibly rare in the modern world. He was emotionally and mentally strong as well; he defied most people's expectations about who and what he was quietly.

Ohtori seemed to be able to shatter a lot of Shishido's preconceptions without a great deal of fanfare, as well.

He'd thought of Ohtori as a player with a rather silly crush before, and had mostly ignored the junior regular. Ohtori's regard was gratifying, to be sure, but Shishido preferred to associate with the more obviously talented players.

He really had been conceited, he thought with a self-deprecating smirk. With a weakness like that, he would have fallen as a player eventually, even if Tachibana hadn't defeated him in that match.

Somehow Shishido was sure that Ohtori would have been there to help him up then, too.

Somehow Ohtori had managed to teach him how to trust people, and he'd done it in less than a week.

Hyoutei's mostly unobtrusive junior doubles expert was really quite amazing, Shishido thought. Even if he didn't look it.

Ohtori shifted into another, more comfortable position, but didn't stir otherwise. He looked exhausted, Shishido noted a little guiltily.

He might not have asked for Ohtori's assistance, but he also knew he would continue to receive it. And Ohtori would consider his own needs and responsibilities to be secondary.

Including his schoolwork, apparently. Shishido's sharp eyes caught sight of the wrinkled page Ohtori had collapsed on top of. It was a history essay question, with some vague notes scribbled on it.

The junior was certainly not in any shape to write it tonight, Shishido thought with a sigh. And history was one of his better subjects.

He picked up a pen and pulled Ohtori's textbook towards himself.

Ohtori was always doing things for him. Maybe it was time to do something for Ohtori.

Author's Note: Earlier, Shishido had told me that this was a songfic, to Oasis' "Wonderwall," but apparently he decided differently. Which is fine, because I have a tendency to just stick lyrics in random places with fanfics.

The End

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