Notes: Tenshi Forgotten's fault. Yes. Fluff. Haaaaaaat. Go here, damn it.

by Tokki-tsu

The third years were leaving. The thought bore down on Ohtori like a heavy weight. He would join them, of course, in a year, but a year was a long time with infinite possibilities for change. Separation brought distance, he knew. How many people had he himself forgotten when he'd switched schools into Hyoutei? And even if it was just a year, there was no guarantee-

The feeling of something being shoved roughly onto his head broke his train of thought.

"Geez, Choutarou, you look so serious. Go and dance or something. It's the last day of school!"
"Shishido-san! B- but, I can't dance..."

"Fine, I'll teach you then. You have to dance at least once this year," and Ohtori found himself being dragged into the courtyard before he could protest.

"Wait, Shishido-san. What about your cap...?"
"You'll return it to me next year."

I'll wait for you.


The End

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