It's Shishido's birthday everyone! We must celebrate! XD *throws confetti and wraps Ohtori up in a nice big bow and locks him in Shishido's bedroom* Buhahahahaha *throws in a few "toys"* ^^ Unfortunately, as much as I'd love to write this, I SUCK at lemons, well yeah, its probably just be not being completely experianced in that field even though I read yaoi amanga and fanfiction all the time hahahahahaha ^_^ BUT, I do have a fic, for you, fluffy-ness blah blah blah, short as always because I like short stuff, good for size and time XD Enjoy!

by Seiya

Nobody wanted to go to school on one's own birthday. It was a natural instinct for most people because they didn't want to have to get up early in the morning and have to do all that work on a day that's supposed to be special.

Shishido Ryo had a different reason entirely.

If one has good and loyal friends, then most likely then most likely those friends would remember an important thing like their birthday and make them a small cake or decorate their locker. There are also those who just ignore the whole thing completely, aka, they forgot.

Shishido really wished they had forgotten.

By "they" he meant his fanclub. He was so sick and tired of the same thing year after year which included roses and chocolates stuffed into his already brightly decorated locker. The words "Happy Birthday Shishido!" were so big that everyone knew by now when his birthday was. He was also followed around the whole day and offered at least 20 different homemade lunches and while he didn't mind the free food, he did mind the mindless chit-chat that was brought up during meals. Shishido didn't like to talk while he was eating. Therefore, he avoided the high pitched teenage girls, which was proving to be quite difficult this time around. It seems his fanclub had grown.

Right now, the boy had fled to the Regular's clubroom where he knew those pesky girls wouldn't be able to get in as long as he locked it. It wouldn't be a problem for any of the other regulars since they each had their own keys but practice wasn't until after school anyway.

"This sucks," he muttered to himself flopping down onto one of the couches in the large room. He glanced at his personal computer across the room, wondering if he should go and check his email, then decided against it. His inbox would probably be overflowing with fan mail from all those girls. The brunette sighed. Lunch wouldn't be over for another 30 minutes and while he enjoyed his alone time, not having anything to do grew quickly boring.

The turning of the lock on the door suddenly made Shishido sit up. No one was supposed to be here at this time. Oh no. Had those girls finally picked the lock of the door?

"Hmm? Shishido-san? Are you here?" Shishido sighed in relief. It was only Ohtori.

"Chotarou? What are you doing here?" the brunette asked.

"Oh! You are here Shishido-san!" the gray-haired boy smiled at his doubles partner and sat down in the love seat next to the couch. "I kind of figured you would be here since all those girls were chasing you today, ne Shishido-san?"

"Humph, they're so annoying, and I couldn't find you today, where were you?" Shishido demanded. He and Ohtori always ate together during lunch but today, he hadn't be able to find his kouhai, let alone look for him while trying his hardest to avoid one-third of the Hyotei female population.

"Ano…uhm…I was…well…" Shishido quirked an eyebrow. Ohtori never stumbled over his words.

"Spit it out Chotarou, what were you doing instead of protecting me for god knows how long?! I was buried in girls, girls and more girls! Ahhhhhh!" The brunette grimaced at the memory. Not too long ago, he wouldn't have minded the attention given to him because of course, back then his vanity may have rivaled that of their team captain. Now he saw them as annoying and…obsessive. Shishido swore he saw a few hiding in the most obscure places. Usually, he had Ohtori to use as a distraction but today of all days his doubles partner just had to not be there, resulting in Shishido being attacked by hordes of prepubescent members of the female species.

"Ah! Gomen Shishido-san, you see, I was…well…it's a little bit embarrassing…" Ohtori replied, and Shishido caught a small blush beginning to form on the other's fair skin. He also noticed the other was holding a small bag in his hands.

"Oi, Chotarou what's that?" he pointed to the strange object he just noticed now. "Don't tell me those girls told you to give that to me, I'm tired of their stupid gifts, throw it away…" he sighed and rubbed his temples. When would the gifts stop?!

"Ah well...actually, this is why I wasn't with you earlier, gomen ne, Shishido-san," Ohtori smiled a little nervously and pulled out a small box. "I made you a lunch today, and I also baked a cake so I had to stay a little longer in Economics to finish it all…" Shishido quirked an eyebrow.

"A cake? What's the occasion? Oi! Stop that Chotarou!" he yelled when he saw the other start to laugh almost uncontrollably. "Oi! I only asked what you baked the cake…for…oh."

Realization dawned upon the brunette. Ohtori had baked that cake for him. But why did the other even bother? While he appreciated the gesture, he'd been offered too many sweets already and he'd have rather preferred the other were with him than baking a cake so he could've avoided quite a bit of conflict with the female species.

"I was going to bake you one yesterday, but I had so much homework and then I had violin lessons so I didn't have anytime and I felt really bad so I stayed a little longer after class and baked you this," He pulled out a medium sized box from the bag and flipped open the top. Shishido looked inside and couldn't help but smile.

The cake was in the shape of a tennis racket with a tennis ball in the middle. It was covered in purple and red frosting, his favorite colors and in the dead center of it were the words Happy Birthday, Shishido-san. This was by far the best cake he'd seen so far today. He also noticed the two small lunch boxes beside the cake box. Curious, the brunette took one and opened it. And found himself nearly drooling.

Ohtori knew him very well, Shishido decided. The lunchbox held two cheese sandwiches and a can of Ponta with a small pack of chewing gum tucked away in the corner. It was simple, yet Shishido knew that Ohtori probably put the most work into making it along with the cake. His doubles partner had done all of this for him. It was strangely touching to the brunette and while many other girls had probably done the exact same thing, coming from Ohtori, it seemed more meaningful to him. Shishido looked at his doubles partner and grinned.

"You're the best Chotarou," he said simply and started to dig into his present. Ohtori's eyes lit up.

"Arigatou Shishido-san Happy Birthday!" the younger boy announced and Shishido found himself being tackle glomped by his kouhai. He nearly choked on his sandwich but he would be able to deal with it. He was, after all, with the one person he wanted to spend time with on his birthday, because that's the way birthdays should be spent, right? Despite all the downfalls of today, Shishido decided that he would rather be at school then at home. Why?

Because of you the brunette thought to himself as he watched Ohtori sit down and open his lunch. The two began to converse about the day's events and soon, Shishido was laughing and smiling again, along with his doubles partners. Lunch slipped by quickly and before they knew it the bell had rung ending their free time and telling them to get back to class. The two stood up and threw away the empty boxes, somehow being able to finish the entire cake that Ohtori had baked along with their lunches.

"Chotarou" Shishido said as his doubles partners unlocked the door and the brunette was thankful there were no girls to greet them.

"Hai, Shishido-san?" Ohtori replied. "Did you like it?" He smiled.

"Don't ask stupid questions, of course I did," Shishido said. "But…thanks." He added.

Ohtori's eyes closed as his grin grew. "I'm glad. Happy Birthday Shishido-san," he greeted for the second time that day.

The two took walked together side by side, neither saying a word. They didn't have to. When they reached the entrance of the school, each took their separate ways, nodding to one another and quietly promising to wait for the other once classes let out and tennis practice would begin.

Nobody wants to go to school on their birthdays. They don't want to get up early in the morning and do work on a day that was supposed to be special.

Shishido Ryo was different. He decided that despite it all, going to school on his birthday was definitely worth all the trouble it caused.

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The End

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