Midnight Confessions
by Posterior Praiser

It was late at night as Shishido Ryou returned to his dorm room, which he shared with his doubles partner and friend, Ohtori Choutarou. No surprises there; he had shared a dorm room with Ohtori since the younger boy had entered the same high school as him the previous year. This time was a little different however. He was not happy to be returning like he usually was to the dorm, and his all too pleasant friend.

He had had enough of getting no where with Ohtori. The other boy just didn't ever seem to notice when Shishido was making potentially very embarrassing moves on him. Shishido had known what he had wanted since their junior high days, but he didn't know exactly how much until he had to spend a year on his own without the cheery smiles, and puppy dog like expressions of his adorable doubles partner, whom Shishido had come to realise was not adorable at all.  He was damn sexy.

It was a sad reality, and Shishido had to live with the innocent, but entirely too grown up looking Ohtori for quite a while now without doing anything to change that innocence. It was a very tantalising thought though. He had been successful at stopping himself from doing anything stupid as of yet however, at least he thought he had.

After many attempts to make his feelings clear to Ohtori, Shishido had come to the only conclusion that he had left. Ohtori must be straight, and that broke his heart into about a billion tiny fragments. That fact was reiterated earlier that day when he saw the younger boy walking by with a very attractive young lady at his arm, and they looked to be quite close. Shishido was upset with the fact that Ohtori was straight, but more with the fact that he had not even mentioned this girl to Shishido before. He would have liked to have known earlier that he had no chance before getting in this deep.

It was very distressing for him. So distressing that he had agreed to do some underage drinking with a few friends of his to make an attempt at feeling better about the situation. He was surprised that he was even able to get up much less walk back to the dorm, but he had managed somehow. He stood outside his door and began to pound on it.


Ohtori Choutarou had spent the evening studying as was his usual routine. He didn't get much studying done however, because he was wondering where his senpai and best friend was. Shishido-san was usually back by this time in the evening, and it made Ohtori wonder if something had happened to the boy with whom he had grown very close over the years.

It was more than being close really, and Ohtori knew it. He was a little uncomfortable with his feelings for Shishido at first, but grew accustomed to them at some point. There was just something about the older boy that was so unique and special in every way.

Shishido had been perfect to him from the moment they had met, and Ohtori had first laid eyes on his gorgeous long brown hair, his masculine, yet still beautiful face, and his smaller, but surprisingly efficient frame. Even his faults were perfect to him. He was everything Ohtori had ever thought he could want in another person.  All of this perfection sometimes landed him in sticky situations, both figurative and literal when he was he the other's presence, but he never let on.

He had never acted even when he had desperately wanted to, because he was still uncertain about the whole thing. Shishido seemed interested sometimes, but it was never enough to convince Ohtori to put their friendship at risk. He had decided to recruit the advice of his cousin who was visiting him that day, and she was very direct, much to Ohtori's surprise.

"Believe me, he wants you."

"Are you…sure?"

"Come on! It's pretty obvious from here. Does he act strange around you at all?"

"Well sometimes…"

"And you've been friends a long time, ne?"

"Um yeah."

"And he was really happy when you decided to share a dorm room with him, right?"

"True enough."

"Just think about it. It's there. You should go for it!"

"Ach! Don't squeeze my arm so tight!"

"Oh sorry. I guess I just got excited for you…"

After having that conversation, Ohtori was sure he knew what to do. He just had to come out and tell Shishido-san the truth. Things would just be better that way. At least he could say he had tried.

Loud thumps were suddenly resonating through the room. Someone wanted in, and Ohtori assumed it was Shishido, who must have forgotten his key in the clubroom, as he often did, so he rose to answer the door. He had to catch Shishido as he fell into his arms attempting to walk through the door.

"Hey Choubarou. You're a *hick* good catch!" Ohtori sighed. This was the first time he had ever seen Shishido drunk, and it was not very appealing to say the least.

"Come on Shishido-san. Let's get you to bed."

"Yes please! I'll go to bed with you!" Ohtori's eyes widened. Shishido must have meant something else, because he thought he was the one who wanted to go to bed with Shishido-san….

"Uh fine. Let's go to your bed then. You should sleep."

"How can I sleep if we're going to bed?" Ohtori struggled as he dragged Shishido to his room. He was not as light as one might think due to his smaller size…

"You're so cute when you struggle, Choubarou. It's too bad you have a girlfriend, otherwise I would have had your pants off a long time ago. Oh but that's a secret isn't it…" Ohtori was even more surprised at that last statement.

Now that can definitely not be misinterpreted…

"I don't have a girlfriend, Shishido-san, and I don't think I ever will. You see, I don't like girls. Not that you'll even remember what I just said, because you're really drunk right now…"

"Then who was that broad you were with today?"

"You mean my cousin?" Shishido began to laugh hysterically at his stupidity, and Ohtori was trying desperately not to let him fall to the ground, but failed.

Before he knew it, he and Shishido landed on the floor in front of the older boy's room; Shishido still laughing seated on Ohtori's back.

"Uh, Shishido-san, could you possibly get off of me? You're too heavy." Shishido rolled over as he continued to laugh so that Ohtori could sit upright.


"Yes, Shishido-san?" Ohtori turned to face Shishido to be greeted with a pair of lips on his, rather than a question. Sweet, soft, and intoxicating. Ohtori was in heaven for all of two seconds, before he pushed Shishido away.

"You're drunk Shishido-san."

"Yeah, so?"

"Well…I don't want to do this when you're like that. I'm sorry. And….You taste like booze, and I hate alcohol." Ohtori helped the other boy up, directed him to his bed, and allowed him to fall onto it.

"Good night Shishido-san."

"Choutarou…. You'll still want to later, right?" Ohtori chuckled.

"Most definitely. Now go to bed."

"You had better mean that!"

"Yes I do. You need your rest. We do have classes tomorrow you know." Ohtori walked out, closing the door behind him.

"Hey! HEY! That's not fair, Choutarou!" Ohtori laughed as he walked to his bedroom.

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The End

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