Dedicated to Hoshi, and Sharon. ^_^

G'morning Sunshine
by Rae

Shishido was suddenly very cold. Slamming his eyes shut and rolling on to his stomach with a growl of protest. "...ten more minutes..."muttered into the pillow that was too squishy and definitely not Choutarou sized. Damn. He never was and never would be a morning person. Ohtori, clutching the tangled mess of sheet and blankets in a thieving hand, grinned down at the squirming mass of lean, tanned limbs as his boyfriend attempted to return to the land of dreams.

"Ah ah. No you don't. You're going to be late. Time to get up."

Still refusing to open his eyes, Shishido curled tighter around the only thing that provided any warmth or cover from the invading sunlight. Mmm pillow. "C'mon Choutarou... five minutes...m'not gonna be late."

Slitting one groggy eye open after silence rewarded his last protest. Huh. That surely wasn't normal for Ohtori. Finding the tall star of most of his dreams nowhere in sight, Shishido shrugged and relaxed, letting sleep overtake him again for the promised five minutes.

He really should have known better.

Just as soon as the hazy fog of sleep washed over him, something very cold spattered in drops over bare shoulders. Before he registered the abnormal sensation, Ohtori's hands--sporting an ice cube a piece turned over, pressing chilled fingers and all against the small of Shishido's back.

Gasping, his eyes flaring open, an attempt to writhe away from the cold proved futile as his tormenter had climbed on the bed to straddle and entrap his legs. "GAH! Choutarou! OFF. I'm awake!"

"Are you sure about that?" Ohtori drawled out the question, trailing the melting ice down over the dips above Shishido's hips. Pausing to let the cubes melt against deliciously warm skin, another squirm gifted the younger boy a chance to slip his hands beneath elastic and fabric.

Icy talented fingers danced further down, bestowing tiny, chilled teases over Shishido's semi-hard cock then retreated just as quickly.

"Hmm, yes. I think you're ready to get up now."

Leaving the remnants of ice behind in Shishido's boxers, Ohtori stood, trailed a hand up his lover's now very still and damp back before coming to rest atop his head, ruffling already mussed strands of chestnut. The stunned dash specialist falling silent was even more terrifying than his sitting relatively still through that.

Now would be the best time to escape, Ohtori mused, or revenge would be way too swift in coming. Running down the hall to the kitchen, grinning all the while - he'd decide what held priority when he got there; breakfast or more ammunition.

The End

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