Moving Forward
by Miko no da

Shishido pulled away slightly, leaning back against the headboard and studying Ohtori intently. Ohtori could feel the slow blush creep its way up his cheeks at the fire burning deep in his partner's eyes, and the way Shishido's mouth curved in a smug little smirk as he watched Ohtori blush. Even after almost two months, having Shishido openly looking at him like he wanted to eat him never failed to bring a flush to Ohtori's face.

"Shishido-san," he protested weakly. "You're staring at me again."

The words only served to make Shishido smirk wider. "Yeah, so?" he asked negligently, shrugging off the protest. "I'm not allowed to stare at my boyfriend?"

He said the word like he was savouring it, and it was certainly music to Ohtori's ears. Nor was the junior really upset about his boyfriend's habit of staring at him; after all, it was that near-obsessive staring that had given Ohtori the courage to confess to him in the first place. He'd figured - correctly, thank the gods - that Shishido wouldn't stare at him so all the time if the senior wasn't interested in something more than just friendship or a tennis partnership.

"You just like making me blush," he accused the older boy, and Shishido laughed.

"You're right about that," he agreed, making Ohtori blush more, which of course had been his intention all along. Ohtori punched him in the shoulder, not all that gently either, and Shishido winced through his laughter. "Ow! Choutarou, what the hell was that for?"

"Making fun of me on my birthday," Ohtori replied, his own eyes sparkling with laughter as well. "Bad enough that you tease me unmercifully the rest of the year, shouldn't I at least get a day off today?"

"Eh, I suppose," Shishido agreed, reaching up to ruffle his hair. "Gods know everyone else teases you enough today. You just had to go and be born on Valentine's day, didn't you?"

"Trust me, it's not like I - or my mother! - asked for it to happen that way," Ohtori assured him dryly. "So why were you staring at me this time?"

"Same reason I always do," Shishido replied, his voice dropping half an octave and going rough, making shivers run up and down Ohtori's spine. The laughter leeched out of his dark blue eyes again, leaving them full of a dark, smouldering heat. "Because you're so damn gorgeous, especially when your lips are all swollen from kissing and you've got that sexy, aroused expression on your face."

Ohtori bit his lip to keep from groaning aloud, and shifted to bury his face in his partner's shoulder. The heat in his face wasn't entirely from embarrassment at that moment. "Shishido-san..." his own voice had gone husky from desire. How was it that Shishido could bring him to such a state with just a few words and a look?

Well, maybe that wasn't the only reason Ohtori's nerves were tingling. After all, they'd just spent the better part of an hour making out on Ohtori's bed, textbooks scattered over the bedspread before them to give them an excuse should one of Ohtori's family come looking for them.

Not, Ohtori reflected wryly, that any of his family could possibly be naive enough not to realize what they were up to, given one look at the flushed and panting boys. Thankfully, his family members were far too respectful of his privacy to invade the sanctity of his room.

Shishido turned and tilted Ohtori's chin up with gentle fingers, kissing him deeply and passionately once more. Ohtori submitted to the kiss happily, opening his mouth beneath the onslaught and clutching tightly at his boyfriend's shoulders for support and balance. For all the times he'd fantasized about kissing Shishido, the reality was far better than he could ever have imagined. It was all but addicting, and Ohtori knew his senpai was surprised by how bold he could be about cornering Shishido in private places to initiate a make-out session.

They'd spent many hours over the last two months doing just this, lying there wrapped in each other's arms, exploring each other's mouths with slow passion or urgent haste, occasionally daring to let hands wander away from waist or shoulders. Always over their clothes and above the belt, though. It had become almost a game between them, to see who could rouse the other most with no more contact than that.

A few times, they'd even reached the point where Shishido would abruptly excuse himself, shoving away from Ohtori and all but bolting for the bathroom. Knowing what his senpai was doing, Ohtori would blushingly do the same, easing the tension in his body with a few quick, furtive strokes so he wouldn't be so frantically desperate when Shishido returned. In some ways, he almost enjoyed what followed after that more than what came before; once Shishido came back, their kissing was soft and languid and not so mindlessly urgent.

Ohtori shifted, releasing Shishido's shoulder with one hand and dragging his fingers down over the older boy's chest. He could feel the delineation of the muscles even through the fabric of Shishido's shirt, and he could also feel the way his partner was trembling beneath his touch. His own body was wound tighter than the highest string on his violin, and felt ready to snap at the slightest provocation.

Sure enough, he felt Shishido tense against him, preparing to pull away. Instead of letting go like he usually did, Ohtori clung to him, shifting to use his greater height to keep Shishido in place, kissing him hard and deep. Shishido allowed the continued embrace for a moment longer, but finally exerted himself and pulled back a few inches.

"Don't go, Shishido-san," Ohtori begged him breathlessly before the older boy could excuse himself. "Stay with me, please..."

His boyfriend lifted one shaking hand to brush the silver hair from Ohtori's eyes, groaning. "Choutarou..." he drew the name out until it was almost a curse, his rough voice lingering over the syllables the same way his fingers were lingering on Ohtori's skin. "You're a little tease, you know that? Just gimme a minute, I'll be right back."

Can I do this? Ohtori wondered, even as he tightened his hold on his boyfriend again, preventing him from sliding off the bed. I had the courage to ask him to kiss me the first time. Do I have the courage to ask for this, too?

"Shishido-san, please..." Ohtori murmured, staring down into the senior's eyes with a mixture of hope and frustrated longing. Shishido looked back up at him, confused and burning with desire. Ohtori shivered at the heat in his boyfriend's eyes, knowing it was all for him. Swallowing, he continued, "May I ask for something as a birthday present?"

That caught Shishido's attention quickly enough. "I already gave you your birthday present," the older boy pointed out. He had, too... a video game Ohtori had been wanting for months, and Ohtori had loved it as much because it was completely and utterly unrelated to Valentine's day as anything else. He was so tired of getting birthday presents relating to the holiday he happened to have been born on, but only Shishido had ever realized it.

"I know," Ohtori agreed. "This is something else, though. Something I've been thinking about a lot. Please?"

"Oh?" That lazy, sexy smirk was back, making Ohtori shiver again. "You want me to make one of your fantasies come true for your birthday, is that it?" Ohtori nodded wordlessly, and Shishido chuckled. "Well, I suppose, it being your birthday and all, that would be only fair. But you'll have to tell me what it is, Choutarou. Tell me, and I'll think about it." His dark eyes glittered with lust and amusement, and Ohtori groaned.

Shishido loved to make Ohtori talk about what he wanted to do with his boyfriend. He claimed it was the biggest turn on, listening to Ohtori 'talk dirty', watching him blush and squirm with that innocent look on his face while his smooth voice murmured naughty things. It embarrassed Ohtori to no end, but the look on Shishido's face when he obliged was more than worth a little embarrassment.

And so he swallowed his shyness now, and made himself say the words. "I've been thinking," he said, leaning forward and nuzzling against the side of Shishido's neck as he spoke, "as much as I really enjoy what we do, Shishido-san... I want more. I'm ready for more."

Squirming as Ohtori traced patterns on his skin with his lips, Shishido gave a breathy moan and shuddered. "Go on," he prompted. "What do you want, Choutarou? And hurry it up, I'm gonna burst if I stay here another five minutes..."

"But I want you to, Shishido-san," Ohtori told him, his voice dropping and his eyes sparkling wickedly as he pulled back and stared deep into his boyfriend's eyes. "I want you to... here, with me. I want to see you when you come, to feel you shudder beneath me. I want," he leaned in until their lips were barely a breath apart, "I want to taste you, Shishido-san." Shishido was gasping for air, his eyes wide and pupils dilated with desire until they seemed to swallow the midnight irises whole, staring at him in shock and wonder. "I want to put my mouth on you, and feel you come inside. Please?"

"Choutarou..." the word was strangled, barely understandable. Shishido took a couple of deep breaths, obviously fighting for control. "You... gods. You little bloody tease. You're going to be the death of me one of these days." He gave a brief laugh. "I was expecting you to ask me to do something like that!"

"Maybe another time," Ohtori said, feeling a deep flush of anticipation at the thought. "When you're ready and you want to do it as badly as I want to do this. Not just because I want it."

"You sure?" Shishido persisted, catching his chin in strong fingers and holding him still to look at him. "A lot of girls don't like doing that, you know. You might not, either."

"Only one way to find out," Ohtori pointed out. "Please, Shishido-san? Let me taste you?"

"Ah, hell..." Shishido groaned and let him go, leaning back against the headboard as if his body had gone boneless. "Like I'm gonna say no to you making one of my favourite fantasies come true!"

Knowing that Shishido wanted it as much as Ohtori did was oddly freeing. Feeling wanton and bold, Ohtori slid his hand down over Shishido's chest and further still, right to the waistband of his jeans. He undid the snap with his hand shaking in anticipation and nervousness, easing the zipper down and slipping long, calloused fingers inside. He heard Shishido catch his breath sharply, and his own heart skipped a beat, heat pooling deep in his groin.

This was farther than they'd gone before, and the feel of Shishido's hard length beneath his fingers was more of a turn-on than he could ever have imagined. He'd felt it before, pressed up against his hip or thigh, through their jeans, but actually feeling the silky skin against his fingers was entirely different.

Ignoring his boyfriend's groan of protest, Ohtori drew his hand away again, hushing Shishido with another fierce kiss. "You have to be quiet, Shishido-san," he murmured as he trailed his lips away from the older boy's mouth and over his sensitive throat. "My parents are just downstairs, remember?" Gripping the sides of Shishido's jeans tightly, he tugged downward, and his partner obligingly lifted his hips off the bed to help him get them down.

Ohtori didn't quite dare take them all the way off, though he longed for the day when they would have the secure privacy - and the confidence and courage - to allow them to be completely naked beside each other. Just the thought made his heart beat a little faster, or maybe that was the sight of Shishido's cock, standing proud and hard against his well-muscled stomach, rising from a nest of midnight curls.

"So beautiful," Ohtori murmured, hardly even aware he was saying the words. Now it was Shishido's turn to blush faintly, and Ohtori saw the way his boyfriend's fists were clenched in the bedspread. Probably to fight the urge to cover himself, Ohtori guessed, and laughed softly at the thought. "There's no reason to hide, Shishido-san," he chided the older boy, sliding his fingers into those dark curls, careful not to touch the shaft just yet. "I wanted to see you like this."

"Tease," Shishido gasped again, closing his eyes and throwing his head back, arching his hips up to try to get Ohtori to touch him. "You're a rotten tease, Choutarou, I'm so going to get you back for this..."

"Mmm, I look forward to it," Ohtori all but purred, flattening his hand on Shishido's hip to hold the other boy still as he leaned forward. His breath was coming fast, his eyes shining with excitement as his lips brushed the tip of his partner's cock, and he smelled the heady musk of arousal and the fresh, clean scent that was Shishido's body. The taste as he licked gently at the tip was everything he'd imagined it would be and more. Shishido groaned, and Ohtori could feel his body trembling as he fought not to thrust upwards.

"Patience," Ohtori cautioned him, flicking his tongue out again just to watch Shishido squirm. "Let me take my time, I'm new at this, remember?"

"You're killing me," Shishido groaned, one shaking hand releasing the bedspread and coming up to thread through Ohtori's hair, caressing him gently. "Please, Choutarou..."

With a groan of his own, Ohtori lowered his head further and took the first few inches of Shishido into his mouth. If only Shishido ever realized that Ohtori could refuse him nothing when he asked in that tone of voice, Shishido would have the junior wrapped around his little finger in moments.

Shishido cried out softly as the soft wet heat engulfed him, turning his head at the last second so the cry was muffled by the pillow. "Oh gods, Choutarou..." the words poured from his throat like liquid chocolate, sending shivers down Ohtori's spine. The junior focused on his task with all the discipline and concentration that had gotten him to the top in both tennis and music, trying to remember everything he'd ever read about what to do and what not to do during a blow job to drive the guy insane.

It seemed to be working... he wasn't able to take much of Shishido into his mouth without choking, but the older boy didn't seem to be complaining. Indeed, he was writhing beneath Ohtori and the muffled sounds that were escaping the pillow were just this side of desperate, so Ohtori had to be doing something right!

Brushing his tongue against the underside of Shishido's cock, where the big vein ran and Ohtori knew from his own experience the sensations were most intense, Ohtori smiled to himself as he felt Shishido tense beneath him. The older boy had already been on the edge, ready to bolt for the bathroom, so it wasn't surprising he was already close. It was one reason why Ohtori had chosen to wait so long before asking for this, because he knew otherwise he'd grow tired or start making mistakes in his inexperience.

"Choutarou," Shishido tried to warn him, fists once again clenched tight in the bedspread and his voice hoarse with frantic passion. "Choutarou, I'm gonna come, you have to s-stop..."

"But I don't want to stop, Shishido-san," Ohtori pulled back long enough to say, ignoring Shishido's desperate cursing at the sudden pause in sensations. "That's exactly what I want to have happen."

So saying, he took the older boy in his mouth again, as deeply as he could manage without choking. He used his hand to cover the rest of Shishido's cock, pumping gently as the muscles in Shishido's thighs continued to shiver with tension.

"Chouta..." Shishido didn't even manage to get the whole word out before his voice trailed off in a strangled cry, and a stream of hot, sticky fluid flooded Ohtori's mouth. The younger boy tried to swallow; he'd thought he was prepared for the taste, but it transcended anything he'd ever heard about it.

Choking and coughing, he pulled away, and wound up with the last jets of semen squarely in his face, making him splutter. Wiping his eyes, he couldn't help but laugh softly as he sat up again, squinting at the erotic sight of Shishido sprawled out over his bed.

"You okay?" Shishido asked, lifting a trembling hand to touch a clean part of Ohtori's cheek. He smiled wryly. "You didn't have to try to swallow it, you know."

"I know," Ohtori agreed, and shivered again at the heat that was still in Shishido's eyes. Apparently the sight of Ohtori covered with Shishido's semen was a turn-on for the older boy; he filed the knowledge away for later use. For now, he really just wanted to get clean. "I'll be right back," he promised, sliding off the bed and reaching for a t-shirt from his laundry pile. He used that to wipe the worst of it off his face, then took a quick peek out his door before slipping down the hallway to the bathroom.

Once locked inside, he took care of his own need quickly. He knew Shishido would probably volunteer to return the favour, but Ohtori had meant what he said about wanting Shishido to offer because he truly wanted to do it, not because he felt like he owed Ohtori. What they'd done today had been exactly what Ohtori wanted most; a chance for him to offer pleasure to his partner, without Shishido having to worry about him in turn.

As worked up as the whole thing had gotten him, it didn't take more than a few strokes for Ohtori to achieve release, and his knees almost threatened to give out on him afterwards. He washed up quickly, and hurried back to the bedroom to find that Shishido had dressed himself again, though he was still lounging back against the pillows.

"Hey," the older boy greeted him as Ohtori joined him on the bed once more. They kissed softly, Shishido making a face at the taste of his semen still in Ohtori's mouth, and they both laughed. "You're amazing," Shishido informed him softly, kissing him again. "So, does this mean I have to wait for my birthday to return the favour?" he asked, teasing.

Ohtori blushed. "I certainly hope not!" he protested. "Your birthday isn't for almost a year, Shishido-san!" He squirmed at the thought of waiting that long, and inspiration struck. He leaned forward to nibble on his boyfriend's ear as he whispered, "There's always White Day, you know."

Shishido turned his head and caught Ohtori in a searing kiss, making Ohtori melt. "I doubt I'll wait even that long. But trust me, I'll find something... appropriate... for White Day... and that's a promise, Choutarou."

The End

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