untitled Christmas drabble
by Nozomi-chan

Shishido scrambled around the kitchen, attempting to clean up. After seven (failed) attempts, he'd finally come up with something that could pass for cookie dough, plopped them on the sheet and placed it in the oven. He was relieved he'd remembered to set the timer.

And the process had left him with one hell of a mess. He knew, in the back of his mind somewhere, that he had to look as bad as, if not worse than, the kitchen. Flour had gotten everywhere, there were eggshells on the counter, milk had been spilt on the floor… He really didn't want to think about what he had to look like.

He jumped as someone knocked on the door to his dorm room. He sighed, frustrated, and wiped his hands on a towel as he went to see who it was. He wasn't expecting anyone…

He opened the door.

There stood Choutarou, looking slightly embarrassed, eyes glued to the floor, a present in his hand.

"Choutarou? You're early…"

"I'm sorry, Shishido-san, I-" the taller boy stopped when he looked up, a confused expression on his face.

Shishido was about to ask what the hell he was staring at, when suddenly he remembered… He glanced down at his clothing, to find it literally covered in flour. "Aw hell. Get in here…I don't want the whole damn dorm to see me looking like this," he growled, opening the door a bit wider.

Ohtori stepped in, still a bit confused. But as soon as Shishido shut the door, Ohtori started laughing.

"Shishido-san…what…" the younger managed between laughs.

Shishido felt his face redden. "Quit laughing, willya. Damn it." He crossed his arms over his chest. The last thing he needed was for Choutarou to laugh at him.

"But…it's in your hair…and on your face…" Shishido could tell his kouhai was trying to rein in his laughter.

Shishido flopped down onto one of his kitchen chairs, feeling deflated. He'd done all this work, and granted he and the kitchen were still a mess, but…damn it, Choutarou didn't have to laugh about it. "Well fuck," he muttered.

Finally, Ohtori managed to stop laughing. He set the present down on the table and brought Shishido a damp rag. "At least wipe off your face, Shishido-san," he said softly.

Shishido took the rag and wiped his face, then threw the rag across the kitchen. "Damn it. This isn't how I wanted it to go…"


Shishido sighed, deciding he may as well ruin the surprise. "I wanted to do something romantic for you this year. So I asked Gakuto if he had any ideas."

"Why Mukahi-senpai? He doesn't seem the type-"

"He's not. But his fuck-buddy is the king of that kinda thing." Choutarou nodded, understanding. "So he told me that once Oshitari had baked him some kind of cookies for Valentine's Day. I figured it couldn't be that hard to do…" he finished with a shrug.

"Guess I was wrong. I just can't seem to get it right."

Ohtori smiled and wrapped his arms around Shishido. "So that's what you were up to," he said, a little bit of laughter to his voice. "I'd been wondering what you were doing that was taking up so much of your time…it had me worried, a little…"

"Worried? About what?"

Shishido felt Ohtori shrug. "That maybe…you didn't like me anymore…or were seeing someone else…" Ohtori replied quietly, as though he was ashamed to admit it.

"No way, Choutarou. You should know that by now." Shishido turned around and kissed Ohtori's temple. "Sorry for worrying you. And I'll apologize in advance for the mess that's baking, too," he added, a little depressed at the thought of another ruined batch.

Ohtori smiled. "Shishido-san…even if they don't come out like you want them to, it's the thought that matters most. You went and did all this for me…it's the best Chrismas present I could get."

Shishido smiled. He should have known Choutarou wouldn't care if the cookies sucked.

Just then, the timer went off, and Shishido was up and dashing for the oven, not about to let this batch burn like the past batches. He opened the oven and put a towel around his hand before pulling out the cookie sheet.

Placing the sheet on top of the stove, Shishido sighed. They didn't look right. They seemed a little flat…or something. After so many screwed up batches, he felt like he'd forgotten how they were supposed to look.

He heard Choutarou come up behind him. "They look good, Shishido-san," Ohtori told him.

"They'll probably taste like crap. I should just throw them out-"

"No!" Ohtori said, probably more forcefully than he'd intended. "Don't, Shishido-san. You worked so hard on them. Besides…they're my Christmas present, right?" Ohtori asked, looking at him pleadingly.

Shishido couldn't resist that look. "Yeah, I guess. If you really want 'em… but still…they're probably terrible. All the other batches were."

"How many times have you tried to make them?" Choutarou asked.

"I dunno," Shishido replied with a shrug. "I've lost count. Messed up seven batches today alone, though."

Ohtori stifled a chuckle. "You worked so hard, and they don't look that bad," he told Shishido.

Shishdo scowled. Ohtori laughed and continued. "It would be a waste to throw them out without even tasting them."

Shishido watched, slightly terrified, as Choutarou picked one of the cookies off the sheet. He wasn't actually going to eat one…was he??

He was. Shishido grimaced as Ohtori took a bite of the still-warm cookie.

The younger boy's face was unreadable as he chewed and swallowed. Then, suddenly, he smiled.

"It's really good, Shishido-san!" Ohtori said happily. "Try one."

Shishido raised an eyebrow, wondering for a moment if Ohtori actually had taste buds on that tongue of his. But…if Choutarou said it was good…well, it at least wouldn't kill him…he hoped. Somewhat hesitantly, Shishido picked up a cookie off the sheet. He stared at it warily.

"Go on, try it. They're good," Choutarou told him, taking another cookie off the sheet and biting into it.

Shishido shrugged. What the hell, right?

He took a bite and chewed thoughtfully, waiting for the bad taste to hit him. When he actually swallowed the first bite without any kind of bad taste, he took a second bite. They really were good, this time. He grinned.

"See? You did it, Shishido-san. Thank you," Ohtori whispered, moving closer to his senpai.

Shishido looked up at Choutarou just in time to be kissed, quite thoroughly. He melted into it, savoring Choutarou's rare assertiveness and the taste of him combined with the warm, actually good, cookies.

He decided right then that if this was his reward for something as trivial as cookies, he was gonna have to bake more often.

The End

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