untitled drabbles
by Nozomi-chan

Shishido helped the rather tipsy Ohtori into bed, or at least, he tried to. Ohtori made it difficult. After all, it was hard to focus when Ohtori kept nibbling on his ear like that.

Instead of it being hard to focus, he was becoming more focused on being hard.

Ohtori had to know what playing with his ear did to him. Shishido groaned as the younger boy started kissing down his jaw line.

"Hey...Ohtori..." Shishido tried. "At least wait til we're in bed...hey...c'mon...Choutarou..." The name came out as a very loud moan, but to Shishido's slight dismay, his protests only seemed to make his kouhai more determined.

"We're close enough, though...right, Shishido-san?" came the whispered statement in Ohtori's lust-filled voice.

Shishido gasped as Ohtori kissed him suddenly, firmly pressing their mouths (and the rest of their bodies) together. Shishido found he wasn't the only one turned on by these escapades as Ohtori's erection pressed against his own.

Shishido couldn't help but kiss back, longing for the familiar feel of Ohtori's tongue sliding against his, in his mouth, warm, hot...

Shishido groaned. This was not going well. Ohtori was tipsy...probably all-out drunk if he was able to be this brazen. He tried to force himself to calm down; Ohtori needed to be put to bed, and hopefully not wake up with a hangover.

"Choutarou...you'll be sick in the morning if you don't lie down."

Shishido tried to hold back a moan as Ohtori's hands began roaming up under his shirt, caressing the bare skin of his back.

"Shishido-san..." Ohtori half-whispered, half-moaned, leaning in for another kiss.

Their lips met, harder than before, and Shishido moaned as Ohtori licked his lips, silently seeking entrance.

Shishido gasped as Ohtori slowly started kissing his way down his stomach. He watched in awe as Ohtori hesitated only a moment before kissing his tip.


"Shhh, Shishido-san," Ohtori whispered, his voice a husky version of its usual sound. "Besides, I want to taste you." Ohtori punctuated his statement by taking Shishido's tip into his mouth.

Ohtori ground his hips against Shishido. "What are you afraid of, Shishido-san?"

"Choutarou...." Shishido groaned, biting his bottom lip in an attempt to hold himself back. "We...really shouldn't...not here..."

Ohtori laughed. "Shishido-san, no one will find us in here..." he trailed off as he leaned in to kiss his senpai.

Their lips met almost hesitatingly at first, the contact light and fleeting. Ohtori quickly grew bolder, however, and pressed harder, gently licking Shishido's lips in a silent request for entrance.

Shishido gasped as Ohtori pinned him to the wall, kissing him fiercely.

"Ch-Choutarou......what's gotten into you?" Shishido managed to ask when the younger boy moved to kiss along Shishido's jaw.

"I want you, Shishido-san," Ohtori replied simply, biting at Shishido's pulse.

Shishido moaned, but pushed his kouhai away. "That's not how we play, Choutarou," he answered with a grin, reversing their positions and pinning the taller boy to the wall.

Ohtori groaned. "But Shishido-san..."

"I can't hear you," Shishido taunted, unbuttoning Ohtori's shirt and kissing his way down the exposed chest. He heard the younger boy whisper something that vaguely resembled his given name, but he wanted to really hear it. "What was that, Choutarou?"

"R-Ryou!" Ohtori called out as Shishido gently bit at a dusky nipple.

This was it. There would be no turning back. Ohtori knew that two things would happen if he didn't stop now.

1. He wouldn't be able to stop even if he wanted to.
2. If he did somehow manage to stop, Shishido would never forgive him.

"You're sure, Shishido-san? I mean, we-"

Shishido pressed a finger to his kouhai's lips. "I've told you already, Choutarou. I'm sure." Shishido smirked, almost as though he knew what was going through the other's mind. "Stop now and I'll never forgive you."

Well, that certainly settled things.

Ohtori pressed forward, groaning at the unfamiliar sensations as he slowly slid inside Shishido. Ohtori figured he should try to go slow, afraid of hurting his...lover.

"Choutarou," Shishido moaned as Ohtori continued to slide, slowly, into him. He wrapped his legs around the younger boy's waist. "I won't break, yanno," Shishido grinned as he used his legs to bury Ohtori inside him completely.

Ohtori moaned in surprise. He certainly hadn't expected that. And yet, it was just like his Shishido-san to go and do something so utterly reckless. "Shishido-san..."

Shishido shook his head with a laugh. "You're inside me, Choutarou. Quit the formalities already."

Ohtori blushed, full-body. "B-but-"

"Now, two things. One. From this point on, given names only, okay?" Shishido nodded once when Ohtori nodded his reply. "And two. Move," Shishido demanded, loosening his legs' grip on the taller boy as he leaned up to kiss him.

The End

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