I couldn't take it anymore. Doesn't anyone write Shishido/Ohtori these days? I mean… jeez. Or... is this just a conspiracy to get me off my but and write? Because I have been writing! Just for Alexander the Great instead of Prince of Tennis. Heh. ^^

So… Here is the product of my anger that no one is writing my OTP.

Please Don't Let Go
by Tenshi Forgotten

His kiss was like fire. It burned, and lingered still, even after they'd pulled apart. Some would call that love. But he didn't. In fact, he wasn't sure what it was. Lust, maybe? Desire?

He lay awake in his bed, just staring at the ceiling, feeling the presence of another right next to him. They were companions, partners, best friends and lovers. But… they weren't in love.

Ohtori let out a sigh as the confusing thoughts ran through his mind. What exactly were they anyway?

"Choutarou…" Shishido mumbled into his chest, making a shiver go up Ohtori's spine, "Go to sleep already."

Ohtori wanted to let out another sigh, but didn't.

"I just can't get to sleep, Shishido-san…"

With what seemed to be a groan, Shishido lifted his head and leaned up, blowing on Ohtori's ear softly. This time the shiver that went through him went straight to his groin.

"Shi… Shishido-san… This… isn't… helping." He gasped out and Shishido began making his way to Ohtori's throat, licking and sucking the whole way.

"Tell me what's wrong… Choutarou." He spoke, lips still touching Ohtori's throat. Ohtori still heard him though.

"It… It's nothing." He said, almost getting interrupted by the moan that tore out of him as Shishido's hand found his nipple and began to gently –and by gently, so slow it would kill Ohtori soon enough- play with it.

"If it was nothing, we would be sleeping right now…" He practically breathed it out, just centimeters from Ohtori's own mouth.

Ohtori didn't speak but crushed his lips against his sempai's and Shishido equally thrust his tongue into Ohtori's mouth, beginning a battle that would undoubtedly be fiercer than two Samurai's in a sword fight.

Shishido pulled back suddenly, breathing heavily, eyes filled with… lust?

"Choutarou… What's wrong?" His hands stopped playing with Choutarou's chest and he pulled back slightly.

Ohtori sighed. Obviously, Shishido had come to the conclusion that he wouldn't get anywhere using that technique…

"I was just… contemplating. It's really not a big deal." Technically it was a big deal. But Ohtori wasn't sure he really wanted to resolve it anyway.

"Choutarou…" Shishido groaned as he fell back on the bed, in a tired manner.

They were both silent for a moment, before Shishido spoke again.

"I don't like it."

Ohtori looked at him, confused.

"Don't like what?"

Shishido didn't answer but seemed to be trying to get the words out right.

"When… you keep things from me. I don't like it when there's something about you I don't know." He sighed, "I know it's weird, okay? I just… I want to know everything about you. Even the bad stuff."

Ohtori looked at Shishido, a sad expression on his face.

"What… what are we Shishido-sempai?" It was a fair enough question.

"We're… friends and lovers, I suppose." He looked at Ohtori, a small frown on his face.

"Oh… I… knew that much…" Ohtori had known that much… He wanted to know… Were they just that…? Or… was there something more?

"Ohtori. I love you and you know that. What's wrong?" Shishido said it all easily, and Ohtori looked at him, eyes beginning to water.

He wiped at them before speaking, "I… I know that… It's just that…"

He loved him. He'd said as much. But… was he… truly, honestly… was he… in love with him?

"I don't think I love you…beca-" Shishido had frozen and Ohtori stopped talking, just looking at him.

"You… what? But… I mean…" Ohtori had guilt and confusion running down his spine like sweat after a tennis game.

Shishido looked so… hurt.

Shishido had to nearly choke it out of him when he asked, "Then… why did you kiss me in the first place?"

"I… I love my mom, and my dad, and of course my sister too. But I.. I don't love you because Shishido-san… I think… It goes deeper than that. What I get every time I'm near you… It's like I'm burning, and yes it feel good but… Shishido-san… I'm… in love with you. And I can't fall out of it." His eyes were watering now, and he felt like a foolish idiot.

"Choutarou…" Shishido looked at him, eyes wide.

"This is what's been bothering you? God… You can be dumb sometime you know that?" He lifted Ohtori's chin with his fingers and smiled, "Would it help if I said that I'm in love with you too?"

Ohtori finally let out a sob and wrapped his arms around Shishido. After what seemed hours, Ohtori fell asleep, and Shishido whispered, quieter than he'd have thought possible, "Ohtori Choutarou… You're beautiful."

The End

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