by Midorino Mizu

It had been the best kind of birthday, as far as Shishido Ryoh was concerned. Taki had restrained himself (this year at least) from presenting the very latest in leopard print thongs, Yuushi had managed to behave with some semblance of sensible manners, and the fangirls had been at least somewhat circumspect. But the calm peace of the day was about to change.

"Choutarou, what the HELL are you wearing?!"

The answer was, of course, not a hell of a lot, and most of it was red satin. Red satin ribbon, to be exact. Shishido hadn't really expected that crimson would really be Ohtori's best color, but it was surprisingly fetching - not that there was enough of it there to accurately judge. "Choutarou?" he said again, attempting to affect a stern tone. This wasn't particularly easy; his boyfriend was, after all, virtually naked.

"Er, Happy Birthday, Shishido-san?" Ohtori supplied, an almost sheepish grin on his face. He was beginning to regret asking Kirihara Akaya and Taki-senpai advice for Shishido-san's present. Shishido-san looked a tad...perturbed.

Shishido lifted a single eyebrow and flipped back his hair. Surely, he thought, this had not been Choutarou's idea; Choutarou wasn't the type to think of, well, ribbons. He was the type who thought of naked on bed. Therefore, there had to be accomplices. "Did you go asking Oshitari for gift-giving advice?" he asked as he stepped forward and plucked at a trailing bit of red satin. This seemed a bit like a Yuushi idea.

"Uh, no," stammered Ohtori, his cheeks flushing a little bit and sucking in his breath as Shishido's fingers slipped away from the slick red ribbons and feathered across his skin instead. "I didn't ask Oshitari-senpai."

"Then it was all your idea?" He and Choutarou hadn't played any games for a while, Shishido mused as his fingers coasted across Ohtori's smooth skin. Maybe it was time to start again.

"N-not necessarily." Ohtori swallowed. "I, uh, asked Kirihara-kun what he did for Yanagi-san's birthday."

This caused another raised eyebrow, and Shishido tipped his head to the side as he regarded his boyfriend. "Kirihara did this for Yanagi's birthday?!" He hadn't heard about that.

Ohtori blushed harder, a fetching shade of pink that coordinated nicely with the strips of scarlet. "No," he muttered. "Kirihara didn't tell me what he did; he said you'd like this better."

"Did he?" Shishido murmured as he slowly pulled a knot loose. "Well, I do like it. But I think I'd like it a lot better if it was unwrapped." A ribbon fell to the floor and Shishido leaned up and kissed Ohtori, pressing his lips almost roughly against the other boy's as he hands curved around his boyfriend's broad, bare shoulders.

He pushed, and Ohtori let himself fall against the familiar firm surface of Shishido's twin bed.

Ohtori gasped, and then hissed when he first felt Shishido sprawl across him in graceful heap…and then felt the scratch of a sharp fingernail as Shishido tugged another ribbon free, letting it tumble across the pale cream sheets of the bed. "Shishido-san," he said, and his voice was half a sigh and half a groan.

"Choutarou," Shishido purred. "Hold still. I'm untangling you from all of this." There was silence as Shishido unwrapped another length of satin ribbon, letting it fall in the growing heap next to Ohtori's narrow hip.

Shishido flattened his palm against Ohtori's chest, his hand sliding up across smooth, taut skin before he let his nails dig and scrape Ohtori's lightly as he curled his fingers around the nape of his boyfriend's neck. "But after I'm done," he murmured, his voice a warm, low whisper in Ohtori's ear, "Choutarou…you're going to fuck me."

Ohtori's breath caught as Shishido leaned back and reached up to pull loose the tail of silky dark hair, his grin blade-sharp in the darkening room. "But not yet," Shishido said as his fingers trailed lightly across the single remaining ribbon, the one Ohtori had wrapped across hips and had tied just above the base of his cock.

It was, Ohtori thought as Shishido's knuckles skimmed across his cock and as Shishido's fingers reached under the neatly tied bow, going to be a very long night.

He gasped as he felt the curtain of Shishido's hair fall across his skin and the hot dance of his boyfriend's tongue on his belly. A very long night, not that he minded.

Ohtori Choutarou was willing to make sacrifices on Shishido-san's birthday.


Ohtori squeezed his shut and he gasped as he felt the whisper of slick fabric against his hard cock. "Shishido-san," he managed between clenched teeth. "You're…you're…" Shishido was driving him absolutely insane, Ohtori thought with a low groan, and he was the one who had given his boyfriend the weaponry in the first place.

Not that he'd expected at the time that those red ribbons would be used against him – and in particular, he hadn't really expected that Shishido would have knotted one around his wrists. It was a little more confining than he had anticipated when he'd first been wrapping himself up early that afternoon before Shishido had returned home.

"What am I?" Shishido asked, his teeth scraping against the skin of Ohtori's inner thigh one last time before he raised his head. His voice was a husky growl and his eyes gleamed as he stared up at his boyfriend through a tousled mane of hair.

"In-Incredible," Ohtori breathed. He yanked hard at the ribbon binding his wrists together and grinned at the satisfying ripping sound. "Incredible," he said again, his mouth widening in a grin as he tugged Shishido down towards him, "and mine.

"Happy Birthday, Shishido-san," he murmured as their lips tangled together in a long deep kiss and as his hands slid down to Shishido's hips, pushing away the pants his boyfriend still wore. "My turn now."

Ohtori sat up, letting the torn pieces of ribbon fall to the bed in ragged bits as one of his hands slid under Shishido's bare thighs. He let one finger test Shishido's entrance, pushing deep inside his boyfriend before slipping it out again and pushing in a second.

Shishido groaned, his nails clinging to the skin of Ohtori's shoulders and his knees sinking down into the mattress of his own bed. "Choutarou," he growled low, tilting his head to nip at the younger boy's ear. His hips canted closer to Ohtori's hard cock and he shifted, rubbing against his boyfriend. "Stop that. Just fuck me." He grinned and his teeth sank hard into Ohtori's skin, edging a little bit away from pleasure and closer to pain. "You know the way I want it."

Ohtori hissed, leaning back and staring down into Shishido's pleasure darkened eyes as his fingers slid free of the older boy's opening. "Yeah," he managed to say almost breathlessly as his hands curved under Shishido's thighs and he lifted his boyfriend higher onto his knees. "I know," he groaned as he pushed Shishido back down, stabbing sharply into him.

If the rest of Shishido's household had held any illusions regarding what Ryoh and his friend were doing alone in his room for so long, they were broken now, as Shishido tossed back his head and screamed, his nails digging painfully into Ohtori's skin and his eyes wide and unseeing.

It wasn't always like this, Ohtori thought as he thrust harder and faster and deeper into his boyfriend, one hand reaching back to tangle in the long hair trailing down Shishido's back. Sometimes they were gentle together, sometimes it was slow and sweet…but sometimes Shishido-san wanted it this way, hard and rough to the point of pain, and Ohtori could never really imagine saying no.

"Shishido-san," he managed, pulling the slighter boy's face closer to his for a hard, almost desperate kiss. "I need you so much," he groaned as their lips parted. "I need you now."

"Take me…then," Shishido managed as he started to shiver and shudder and clench around Ohtori's cock. "I want it, Choutarou. Just take me."

Ohtori's hands clenched hard around Shishido's hips, and he pressed the other boy down onto him as he thrust upwards with a single sharp movement of his hips. He groaned as Shishido bowed back in his arms, his lips parting on another scream and his long hair flowing over Ohtori's fingers where they dug into Shishido's light skin.

Ohtori leaned forward, burying his own shout in Shishido's hair as he pushed inside harder and deeper than before until he came himself, spilling into Shishido's still convulsing body.

He had one last coherent thought as he collapsed back onto Shishido's bed, pulling his limp boyfriend on top of him: the next time someone made one of their comments about Ohtori and Shishido and 'old married couple'…he was going to start laughing out loud. Ohtori chuckled a little weakly at the thought , his fingers combing lightly through Shishido's tangled hair.

"Something funny, Choutarou?" mumbled Shishido as he turned his head to the side, pushing a skien of hair from his face.

"A little bit," Ohtori murmured. His lips curved in a slight smile. "But I'll tell you later."

The End

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