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Author's notes: I've finally finished it on February 14th and technically I'm not really -that- late for a birthday fic for Ohtori--:sniffles: but I wanted to post this on his birthday. :cries:

Sunset Way
by Nekocin

It started out with small gifts on his desk (a few days ago) and finally, ended up with a whole closet filled with presents. There's no mystery in all the gifts, he'd noticed. They were all given to him by his admirers whether it's for his birthday or for Valentine's day, he did not know.

It's Monday February 14th already so he decided to bring a sack just in case he had to carry some more presents home. Upon entering his classroom, he was completely stumped--one sack just wasn't enough.

His desk was over-heaped! Ohtori suspected that the girls in the higher classes had probably contributed too.

Burdened with the fact that he got way too many presents on his birthday to even hide them in his small jacket locker, he decided he should call his father at the end of the day to pick him up in a van or something. He hadn't even known he was well liked among the girls--it flustered him completely.

Now, how exactly could he write while his desk was already filled with lots of things?


"Uhm--Hiyoshi-kun--uhm. I like to ask you a favor-,"


"Can you--uh--can you please put half of my presents into your locker?"

"Why? don't you have one of your own?"

"Uhm--you see, it's currently full. It's filled with the other half of my presents and--I even have to walk around wearing my school jacket since there's not enough room for fabric either. Ah! I forgot--you also have your own presents to fill--right? I'm sorry for bothering you-,"

"It doesn't matter. Fortunately, mine are not as much as yours. I can put them in my bag and eat them during lunchbreak,"

"Oh, really? Then can I-?"

"This way. Just don't forget taking them with you at the end of the day. I don't want ants and mice come into my locker and make a mess in there,"

"-Uhn. Okay, got that. I won't foirget! thank you for lending me your locker for a day, Hiyoshi-kun. You're so kind,"

"It's nothing.--And Ohtori?"


"Happy birthday,"

"Ah! Thank you!"


During lunch break, heaps of presents for Ohtori continued to be added. It was a nightmare! There's not even enough room to stack his presents! in Hiyoshi's locker If only he could get another locker. If only Shishido-san were here, he would know where to stack all the presents since Shishido-san's used to getting lots of presents.

But for now, he had to ask the principal for a big empty box.


Tennis practice was cancelled due to the fact that Atobe-buchou's fangirls (and perhaps even fanboys) had practically stormed their way through court to present their gifts to the great diva personally.

They hadn't even started practising!

And it didn't seem to be bothering Atobe-buchou though--he'd the power to make more than half of his fans faint with just a smirk--a satisfied, content and proud smirk. He loved the attention.

So the other members of the team were actually forced to change back into their uniforms and head home before getting mobbed by their very own fans too.

Disappointedly, Ohtori slid his racket back into its bag and pulled the zipper, closing it. His doubles partner hadn't come to school that day, sadly. It had something important to do with Shishido-san's uncle's shop, who lives outside the city.

Thinking about Shishido-san all of the sudden, made him feel a bit more depressed than before. Maybe it's because Shishido-san had left the city on this particular day--on his birthday.

Shishido-san had probably forgotten all about it, while still thinking February 14th, is a hectic day when all girls pour their hearts out and shower their affections on the one(s) they like-slash-admire-slash-love.

A year ago, Ohtori could still remember Shishido-san getting mobbed by his fans and he had seemed to love all the attention. So what exactly made him think different on this Lover's day? Not because he got kicked out of the team, right?

How absurd!


"Yuushi, I just heard about that guy from Seigaku had over 30 chocolates. That's twice more than mine! ARGH! How could that be? I'm more attractive than him. Yuushi, lend me your chocolates so I can have -at least- one more than his pile!"

"And how did you know he has 30, Mukahi?"

"Inside information! I'm not telling you more! So please, please, please give me some of your chocolates, Yuushi!"

"Sadly, I can't give up these lovely sweets. The girls have put their hearts into making them all just for me. So it's rather wrong to give all these sweets away anyways. Why don't you ask Ohtori-kun there? I've just seen his pile--and it was quite big,"

"Really? Oh yeah, today's his birthday--which doubles his share! Thanks for reminding me, Yuushi!"


X - X


"Yes, Gakuto-sempai?"

"I forgot something! Happy birthday, Ohtori-kun!"

"Ah! Thank you, sempai,"

"Can you lend me some of your chocolates?"

"Ah? Oh, okay. You can have this bag, sempai. I don't have enough hands to bring these home,"

"Wa~! There's probably over a hundred here! Thanks, Ohtori! Now, I have more than -him- muwahahaha! May I take this box too?"

"Ah-? S-sure, sempai,"

"Rest assured, Ohtori-kun. I'm very positive you have so much that you can't even eat them all on your own. So don't worry, I'll help you eat these,"

"Uhm--Thank you, sempai--I think,"

"Naw, it's nothing. Bye, bye! I'll see you tomorrow! Ugh--these are very heavy--,"

"Uhm--do you need any help?"

"Ah! No, no, no. Now, run along. I can take care of these,"

"Oh, okay...,"

X - X

"Yuushi! Give me a hand here!"

"Incredible, how his fame knocked mine out. Especially since he's just entered the club for one year and everyone loves him. I bet when Atobe graduates this school year, Ohtori-kun will be the next diva," "Yuushi! Shut up and give me a hand here! I didn't expect Ohtori-kun to have so much!!"

"Me neither. Ch', you can't even pick this one up on your left,"


He'd called his father to pick him up in a van and was trying to stack all his presents he'd gotten at the back of the car. Father had looked amused at the piled of presents and teased him about his current status as one of the most sought out boy in school.

Choutarou had blushed without an end as he attempted to carry all of his gifts from the lockers to the van.

Sounds of something rough tore into the school grounds, surprising him when he recognized the one operating the motor cycle.


"Yo, Choutarou! Ohtori-san!"

"Hm, Shishido, how are you doing?,"

"Okay, I guess,"

"Shishido-san! You came back!--was it that fast to help your uncle?"

"Aa. It was fun,"

"Not to be rude, Shishido-san-,"

"He has a repair shop there and since I was there, he started teaching me how to repair some stuff,"

"--Did you go out of town, because of that?"

"Well, no--I went to repair this vehicle,"

"--Why? I thought you dislike bicycles,"

"I want to take you to see the sunset!"


And Shishido-san took him up the hill to watch the sun set in the West.

I think at least the characters came out okay--only the setting came out awkward. TT_TT That's probably because I was worrying myself to death about both my work and my school projects. :sighs: The fic didn't end in the way I wanted because dad was kicking me off the computer while I tried to edit the end :growls: I'll try to revise this fic and the Atobe one as soon as I can.

Thank you for reading!!! Happy Belated Birthday, Ohtori Choutarou! <3333 Happy Belated Valentine to everyone!

The End

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