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Tainted Dreams
by Tk DuVeraun

February fifteenth dawned bright and early, not that Shishido was in a real posistion to notice. He snuggled closer to the warm body next to him and stuck his face in the crook of his partner's shoulder, breathing in the warm, sleepy scent. A blinding headache took most of his notice, but as the memories from the night before came to him in a jumbled, reverse order, he didn't really care. So what if he had the hangover from hell, he was just going to lay there nice and warm and comfortable for as long as he could. He was already silently damning Choutarou and his ethics that would probably make him wake early to do, he shuddered mentally, responsible things. They were teenage boys, there was no need for that!

Shishido felt a new warmth inside of him as the body above him shuddered. He moaned from that feeling all on its own, nevermind the blissful waves of his own release. They kissed hotly, Shishido being compliant and just letting his partner take control without a fight for once. Choutarou always liked being in control and, on his birthday, Shishido was hardly one to keep it from him. The guy would never force submission from his lover, but Shishido knew all of the same.

Silken sheets caressed Shishido's body as he moved around, smiling and remembering. So what if he was more than a little sore? Last night had been more than worth it. He began to contemplate if maybe he should get drunk more often, if it led to completely reliving everything...

The steady, burning rhythm wracked his body with pleasure. In his inhibited state, Shishido had long since been unable to keep up, but if the wet, hot kisses on his neck were any indication, his lover didn't care much either at this point. His entire body arched and even more intense waves of pleasure as the pressure inside him released. The sticky warmth was also lost on Shishido when his lover threw all control to the wind. Now that he had found his release, his lover pounded into him harshly, seeking his own. His mind soared at the feelings of the usually so polite and considerate Choutarou letting his lust and passions take control.

A muscled arm snuck around Shishido's waist and pulled him closer and he was only too happy to oblidge and Shishido pressed his body against the one next to his; however, all of the moving and snuggling that he'd been doing had only made his hangover worse and he spent five or so very long minutes trying not to throw up on his lover. He closed his eyes and pressed his face into the hard chest next to him. Okay, so maybe he wouldn't drink before having sex...

He almost screamed. It was just... So much, it was always like this, but he'd be damned if it didn't feel better everytime. He shuddered and tightened the grip that his legs had around his lover. One hand that had been holding onto his hip let go and began to roam. Shishido moaned as the muscles in his pelvis were massaged deeply. His eyes rolled back in his head. It was so good, but yet at the same time, not enough. Not nearly enough when his erection was right there. He groaned and ripped his lips away from those that held his captive. Choutarou wasn't one to tease and this was pushing his limits so quickly. "Stop fucking around-" the rest of what he said was lost, even to himself when the mouth that had been in control of his lowered and proceeded to lick and bite at his chest. Shishido wriggled and resisted the urge to kick his lover. "Just move, damn you..."

A burning soreness in his hips pulled Shishido back from the edge of retching. He pulled away from his lover and laid on his back. Shishido would never know how that prick Mukahi was able to walk and move normally after closeting himself up with Oshitari for hours at a time. Shishido shuddered at the sudden mental image and tried to will it away. Unfortunately, his brain still wasn't functioning up to par and he was forced to open his eyes to rid himself of the horrible picture. A small ray of light slipped through where the curtains covering the floorlength windows didn't quite meet.

A small ray of light slipped through where the curtains covering the floorlength windows didn't quite meet. The moon was bright and the tiny ray lit up the whole room, spreading a glowing peace over everything. The serene picture forced it's way past Shishido's drunken haze. For some reason, probably all of the alcohol he'd drunken, he wanted to cry at the silver shine everything in the room held. He chocked back a sob, but his attention was diverted as burning hands came around his chest from behind and slowly pulled his unbuttoned shirt off. "None of that, now..."

Shishido reeled in... something. There was something that-! Unfortunately, his stomach had taken that exact moment to say that it was ready to clear out everything he'd eaten in the last year and a half. Shishido stumbled out of the king sized bed and tripped on their clothes on the way to the bathroom. He only hoped that he could borrow a shirt from Choutarou as his was now covered in... Things he'd rather not think about. He carried it with him into the bathroom where he spent hours emptying his stomach into the toilet. He closed his eyes to block out the pain from his heaving stomach.

Shishido's mind was happily clouded with drink and pleasure, so he couldn't for the life of him think of why he was pulling the searing lips off of his chest and burning hand from between his legs, "I think..."

"Thinking is over-rated and you were never very good at it to begin with. Let your body think for you." The hand returned to it's previous ministrations and Shishido moaned, attempting to throw back his head, only to be strained by another hand that was guiding his face to the lips that had been torturing his sensitive chest. His lover pulled away with a growl and kissed along his jaw. "Drown in this. It's what you want..."

He leaned over the counter with his face nearly submerged in the sink. If the bathroom hadn't been so damn big, he'd be resting his forehead against the cool glass. But no! He had to have a rich lover! This was part of why they always had sex at his house. Shishido groaned and splashed more cold water onto his face and into his open mouth which still tasted like acid. He turned off the tap and draped his body all over the counter, letting the cool tile suck some of the heat from his body. He felt terrible. Really, no more alcohol for him. Really.

It was a fight for dominance; the clashing of wills symbolized by their mouths and tongues. A battle used as a distraction to the loser who hadn't yet realized his defeat, though a twist of practiced fingers made Shishido very aware of the real situation. He moaned into his lover's mouth and arched his back, seeking more. Shishido was pulled from the drowning pleasure-pain of being stretched when his lover broke off their kiss, speaking in a rough, demanding voice. "Even if you were just reaching out for anyone, it was my door that you entered and you won't leave here until you're mine."

Shishido's eyes snapped open and he looked around himsef. He, for the first time, really looked. His surroundings were plush and expensive. Ostentatious and gaudy in a way that Choutarou would never and could never live with. His eyes widened in horror and he stepped back into the bedroom.

Shishido couldn't believe his eyes. There was Choutarou, his bestfriend and lover, kissing someone else. Kissing a girl. Really kissing her. Her arms were wrapped around him and a hand was caught in his short silver hair. This was not happening... There was no way! The pain was a dagger in his chest because, obviously, there was a way. The proof was right in front of his face, if only he dared to look a little longer, but he couldn't. His pride wouldn't allow him to have his heart ripped into even smaller pieces. So he did the only thing left to him to do: he ran.

There, amidst the plush, silken sheets, smirking predatorily, was Atobe Keigo.

The End

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