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The Hat
by maboroshi hime

It was not unusual to see Shishido Ryou in front of a mirror. The examination on this day, however, seemed much more serious than most other days. This time, he was slowly scrutinizing every last strand of hair which, up until a few hours ago, had been long.

"This sucks" he said to everyone and anyone who cared to listen. The eyes of Ohtori's reflection met him halfway.


"My hair, it's too short." He continued, "Damn, if Atobe was going to stick up for me, couldn't he do it before I pulled scissors?"


Thankfully, the clubhouse was deserted. He'd hate to think what He Who Addressed Himself As Ore-sama would do if he ever heard dissonance of his goodwill.

"I know, I know." It'd been his own fault, he'd been too hasty. But he found that he didn't mind it all that much if that one act proved to Choutarou that his senpai valued their friendship above a faulty position of Regulars. Still... damn buchou.

"You could wear a hat." suggested Ohtori.

"Hats," Shishido began with the air of a wise patron about to educate the minds of young grasshoppers, "are for moronic idiots who can't find a better way to hide their hideous faces from society. It's not my face I want to hide, it's my-"

"You could wear it backwards." Shishido closed his mouth. Now there was an idea.


So the next day, after a brief trip to the barbers to smooth out the jagged edges, Shishido went shopping for hats. With Choutarou. Because Choutarou's sense of fashion was so much better than his.

"You might want to get a blue one too, to match Hyoutei colors."



So Shishido wore hats from that point on. His favorite was the blue one for no other reason but because Choutarou had chosen it. He wore it even after his hair grew out and when he didn't need a hat anymore, he paid a secret visit to the barbers that turned into many 'secret' visits.

Eventually, The Hat found itself on Choutarou's head. Everyone saw the hat, but no one could ever even lay a finger on the hat much less wear it. Shishido responded with:

"The hat I love most belongs on the head of the person I love most."

It only seemed fitting, after all.

The End

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