Turn Away, Let Me Dream
by Tenshi Forgotten

Shishido was curled up in his favorite chair, reading a novel required for Japanese Literature. He didn't really notice that from the other side of the room his roommate, Ohtori, was looking at him. He didn't notice, or he did and ignored it. Ohtori was almost certain it was the second option, yet he couldn't stop himself from letting his eyes soak up the sight that was his sempai. His hair was wet from a shower he'd had just before, and his pajama pants weren't exactly high on him either. Not to mention Shishido had found no plausible reason for wearing a shirt just to read.

Ohtori couldn't stop any of it. The heat that threatened to devour his face as his sempai sweated on the court, the flippidy-flop his stomach did whenever he got a smile or pat on the head, the feelings that welled up inside him whenever they locked eyes for even the smallest amount of time.

He knew he blushed more than half the time he was near Shishido, but his sempai (nicely) never mentioned it. He never even spoke about the longing looks Ohtori gave him, or the lingering touches Ohtori had a hard time pulling away from. Ohtori couldn't tell if Shishido was embarrassed, disgusted, or just… didn't care.

Sometimes he wondered if it was possible that Shishido hadn't noticed. If he really was that oblivious to the things that Ohtori couldn't help but think in the dead of the night when no one else was in his room. If… he still might have had a chance. But in his heart and in his head he knew it wasn't logical that Shishido didn't know.

But at the moment Ohtori didn't really care, because he was still graced with this picture every night, and the little smiles that he and his best friend shared. Even if there was nothing else and never would be.

He was content. Shishido pretended that nothing was different than before Ohtori started to like him. He was just that nice enough, that kind enough, to let Ohtori dream.

The End

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