Turn Away, Let Me Dream (Edition Two)
by Tenshi Forgotten

Sometimes he would catch Choutarou looking at him- no, staring at him. He'd quirk an eyebrow and Choutarou would blush before looking away. He use to think on it, wondering what exactly his doubles partner could possibly see in him because yeah, Choutarou definitly had a not so hidden crush on him. Shishido just… didn't know why.

He wasn't really all that great. His patience was, well, non-existent. And he wasn't that kind in the end, and he wasn't romantic or seducting or any of that crap. So what in the world could have made Choutarou like him?

He supposed he was fairly attractive. You can't have your pile of Valentine Chocolates rival that of Atobe's and think otherwise. But Ohtori wasn't the type of person to like someone based on their looks. And besides, he looked like a… well, he looked horrible now that he'd cut his hair.

Occasionally he'd open his mouth, about to ask Choutarou why. But he never could quite get the words out. Maybe it was because he was just a little bit scared, worried, that the answer might not be one he would like. How that was possible, he didn't know, since any answer saying he had a crush on Shishido would be great. Shishido hated the fact that he couldn't even come out of his shell long enough to get to where Choutarou was trying to go.

All he could do was wait. Wait for Choutarou to finally slip up and say something, or wait until he finally got the courage to ask. He really, really hated waiting. It wasn't his strong point. At all.

But he couldn't do anything about it. Because he was a wreck when it came to Choutarou. A complete and utter wreck.

He looked up from his favorite chair and just like he'd thought, Choutarou was there and he turned his head faster than Shishido would have thought possible, a brilliant red staining his cheeks. Shishido smiled slightly, before turning back to his book.

He supposed, that for awhile, this was fine.

The End

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