Dedicated to Hoshi, and Sharon. ^_^

Warm Fuzzies
by Rae

"But I want -"

"Choutarou, I said no."


Shishido didn't say another word, yet. The look he gave his boyfriend clearly covered the 'Oh Hell no and don't look at me like that. My heels are dug in and I will NOT budge' sentiment quite well.

Ohtori, undeterred by that look, bent down to examine the fuzzy bundle inside the cage. Twisting the latch and fearlessly reaching a hand in to stroke a sleepy head. "He's all alone, though."

Arms crossed over his chest stubbornly, Shishido groused, "Did you ever stop and wonder why? There's probably something wrong with it." That excuse seemed logical enough to him. "Besides, that...thing is not an equal replacement for a dead fish." Ah hell. That certainly wasn't the best thing to say right about now.

"All the more reason to give it a good home then, right?" Ohtori's shoulders slumped at the mention of the first animal they'd bought together meeting it's untimely demise. "I think it is," the brief argument over who forgot to feed the fish had led them to this pet shop the day after. "You did say anything I wanted."

Now that really wasn't fair. Using something he'd said during a rather long and sweaty make up session that involved ice cubes, the kitchen table, and... Shishido shivered at the memory. "It looks like a damn rat, Choutarou." Wrinkling his nose as he watched the little creature latch tiny paws onto Ohtori's hand and scurry up his arm. "Probably more work to take care of then a fish."

Pivoting to look up at Shishido, the wiggling tawny length of fur draped over one shoulder and held carefully by a supporting hand. "I think he's adorable. Just look at that little face." On cue, out poked a triangular head from it's previous nuzzling beneath Ohtori's chin to blink beady black eyes masked in dark brown up at Shishido as well. "And see, he likes you."

"I sincerely doubt that." Shifting uncomfortably under 'the look', albeit a less powerful thing then what'd led to the agreement to come here in the first place, those pleading chocolate eyes along with a delighted smile made Shishido weak in the knees. The ability to say no mysteriously vanished as well. "I still think it's anything but cute. Why not a cat, or better yet a dog?" Shishido liked dogs. Man's best friend and all that.

Ohtori stood up slowly, leaning forward to let the animal bridge the gap between his own shoulder and his boyfriend's. "There's not enough room for a dog in the apartment. Not the kind you want, anyhow." A 'pocket dog' like a toy poodle or a japanese spitz simply wouldn't mesh with Shishido's idea of a 'man's' dog. "Kondou san's allergic to cats, or I'd consider it. We can't risk getting kicked out by making a neighbor blow up like a balloon now can we?" Grinning cheekily as his pet of choice latched onto Shishido's ear and started nibbling. "Told you so. He has excellent taste if I do say so myself."

Grimacing and reaching up to tug the ferret away from it's new favored chew toy, "Probably has rabies or something." Shishido held the thing beneath it's front legs and brought it up to his face for scrutiny. "Look here you, I'm not your teething ring." The honey colored nose simply turned up and away in reply to that. Stubborn little...

He handed it back to Ohtori and had to fight a little smile in response to his lover's laughter after witnessing that exchange. "Fine. You're taking care of it though."

Ohtori's eyes lit up, taking the squirming bundle of fur and holding it against his chest. "Really? I will. I promise I will." The ferret wasted no time, crawling right up the front of Choutarou's shirt to start pawing and nosing at his collar. A blatant display of it's desire to get inside his clothing and bask in warmth and attention.

Shishido snorted, crossing his arms again as they walked to the counter to inquire about the other needed supplies. "I've got a perfect name for the little rat."

"What's that?" Ohtori questioned, squirming to keep the ferret out of his shirt and trying to restrain giggles. The sniffling nose and twitching whiskers tickled, after all.

"How about Hiyoshi? The resemblance is striking." Shishido quipped with a smirk.


"But I want-"

"Ryou, I said no."


The End

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