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untitled fic
by Watashi-sama

The second Friday of every month was a special time for Hyoutei in general and Ohtori in particular. It was declared as a rest day for club activities, which meant the students had extra time after school to play a video game, watch a movie, catch up on the recent episodes of an anime, or some other non-school, non-club related activity.

Ohtori spent the time at home with Shishido-san.

Despite Ohtori's vehement protests and assertions that Shishido-san is only over to help him catch up on schoolwork, honest, anyone who knows anybody at Hyoutei seemed to know exactly what Shishido-san was helping him with. Even the first year girls were whispering giddily about how sweet Shishido-san was to spend time with his kouhai and why can't boys all be so romantic and caring.

At which point the first year boys, being the dumb and new first years they were, would comment that they wouldn't mind being romantic if the girls were gentle like Ohtori-sempai and the girls would proceed to beat them over their heads with textbooks.

It would have been amusing if it weren't all so embarrassing. The only person who didn't have something to say on the subject of Shishido-san spending time at Ohtori's house was Atobe-buchou, but Ohtori wasn't sure the all knowing smirk he gets on Thursday afternoons during practice was any better. Of course, the most vocal amongst the talkers had been Mukahi-sempai who'd declared that he was "going to show Yuushi I can be a good sempai too" and proceeded to make Ohtori his pet project. Sometimes Ohtori wished Mukahi-sempai had chosen Hiyoshi, or even Kabaji, instead.

That was how Ohtori found himself cornered in the club changing room an hour before the last practice of the second week of the month with an eager Mukahi-sempai who was lecturing "and of course variation is the spice of life. You have to find different ways of seducing your seme so that he doesn't lose interest. Now tell me Ohtori, what are you planning to do this Friday?"

"Um, spend time with Shishido-san?" Ohtori half answered, half asked.

"Let me guess," Mukahi-sempai declared as he mimicked their buchou's famous Insight pose, "You're going to ask Shishido to go over, sit around, eat some snacks, maybe do homework if you're feeling productive. Then when your parents come home, you'll part ways."

Ohtori didn't see what was wrong with the scenario. It was nice spending time with his Shishido-san, just being in each other's company and lounging around, maybe sharing a few heated kisses, or a few dozen, until the parents came home, which wasn't until late anyway. In fact, it sounded so nice that Ohtori was going to go ask Shishido-san over right now.

"'Tori-kun, what am I going to do with you?" Mukahi-sempai said in such a woebegone voice that Ohtori was jerked from his impromptu daydream to focus on the small redhead before him.

"How about teaching him some new tricks, he's still young," a smooth Kansai-ben popped into the still fairly empty clubroom.

"Oshitari-sempai," Ohtori exclaimed his greeting in surprise as Mukahi-sempai jumped to meet the newly arrived tensai with an enthusiastic hug.

"Yuushi, you will not believe how unhealthily chaste Shishido has been with our Ohtori," Mukahi declared with despair.

"Mukahi-sempai!" Ohtori protested feeling a smidgeon indignant.

"Now Ohtori, we are your sempai. It is in our sempai-duty to help you and guide you in all matters of life," Oshitari-sempai drawled. The sinister undertone sent a shiver up Ohtori's spine.

"Exactly. Now, listen up," Mukahi-sempai ordered as he detached himself to once again get into Ohtori's face by standing on the bench. "First, you have to be proactive. Don't wait for him to make the first move. You'll wait forever if you think that baka Shishido will catch on."

Ohtori didn't bother to correct Mukahi-sempai that Shishido-san did make the first move, even if it was after Ohtori had given him chocolates on Ohtori's birthday.

"Next, you can't waste subtlety on Shishido. If you really want to rouse him, you have to do something obvious," Mukahi-sempai continued then paused as he tried to think of something appropriate.

Oshitari-sempai chimed in, backing up his partner in life as he did on the courts, with "Eat something phallic. That should get the message across."

"Popsicle. Ice cream cone. Lollipop," Mukahi-sempai rattled off, clearly well versed in all things phallic. "I'd say licorice sticks were too small but considering Shishido's size…"

Ohtori didn't think Mukahi-sempai had any room to talk. But before he could voice his protests that Shishido-san was perfectly sized the way he is, the rest of the club had swarmed into the changing room en masse and the rest of the discussion was mercifully cut short.


That Friday afternoon, as Ohtori walked home with Shishido-san, he made a vague excuse about parents being out late and needing sustenance until dinner time and all but physically dragged Shishido-san into the first sweets store he saw. Shishido-san had looked at him strangely but said nothing and even made a few helpful suggestions. After a long deliberation, Pocky was chosen as the perfect snack material, being filled with sugary calories but not filling enough to ruin one's appetite for dinner. Not that a healthy growing 15-year-old's appetite can be ruined.

So the afternoon was spent sprawling on the floor with Ohtori trying to figure out a mode of attack on the box of Pocky and Shishido-san looking over his shoulder with paranoia. Despite Ohtori's assurance that his parents really were out until late evening and his sister stuck in the university for some review session for an upcoming midterm, Shishido-san still looked unsettled.

Ohtori sighed. He supposed telling Shishido-san that his family actually do know they're together might help the other boy to feel a little less threatened by the prospect of getting caught, but he wasn't sure how he should broach that particular topic. Somehow just randomly blurting out, "Oh, by the way Shishido-san, I sort-of-accidentally came out to my parents about us last year at dinner and they suggested I bring you over for quality time since they'll be working out late anyway and a house left empty is a house wasted. Also, Mother wants to know if you'll object to wearing white at the wedding," was likely to scare Shishido-san even more.

Instead of dwelling on it, Ohtori took a deep breath and broke into the Pocky packaging. Pulling out a thin stick, which is not at all significant with respect to Shishido-san's size, Ohtori told the Mukahi-sempai who was snickering in his mental subconscious, he slipped the uncovered end into his mouth and sucked at it, pursing his lips to hold the candy in place. Lowering his head, he peered through his lashes to check if Shishido-san was paying attention.

He was.

In for a penny, in for a pound, Ohtori thought to himself as he slowly worked his lips over the chocolate, holding it in place as he licked the sugar up with his tongue in tiny circles, a maneuver that his sister insisted he learned if he was going to date another boy. Sometimes, Ohtori's family scared even him; no wonder Shishido-san was always jittery around them.

However, as the candy was slowly consumed, Shishido-san merely sat there looking at him, seemingly unaffected by the display. Mustering up courage, Ohtori pulled out another stick and consumed it in a similar manner, this time putting in a little sucking action at the end.

The only response he got in return was a tilt of Shishido-san's head.

With a sigh, Ohtori pulled out a third stick, wondering if the phrase "third time's the charm" would apply to him. However, by the time he sucked that stick down, Shishido-san merely asked if he'd had a long week.

Yes! Ohtori wanted to yell. It wasn't fair that he was a young, healthy, virile young adult who was alone at home, sprawled on the floor with a beautiful sempai sitting next to him and the only thing of interest that was happening was sugar consumption of the sucrose kind. Slurping down another Pocky, Ohtori thought darkly that Mukahi-sempai was clearly wrong about variation being the spice of life. As far as Ohtori was concerned, variation only got him consumption of four sticks of Pocky.

As the fifth stick entered his mouth, Shishido-san finally sensed something wrong and moved to intercept. Biting the other end of the Pocky, Shishido-san leaned over him, a hand landing on his stomach for support. With a mental cheer of triumph, Ohtori grabbed the hand and gently pulled Shishido-san over him, intent on keeping Shishido-san close now that he finally has Shishido-san over him.

The stiffness left Shishido-san's body as their lips met at the middle of the confection and he leaned further into Ohtori, melding his lips over Ohtori's in a heated kiss. Ohtori smiled into the kiss as he got what he'd been working for.

The End

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